The management of the University of Ghana has issued a final notice to all students who have their belongings at the hostels to come for their items or they will remove their items from the hostels.

According to the notice signed by the registrar of the university “all resident students in University Halls of Residence and Private Hostels on the University of
Ghana campuses (with the exception of final year students intending to return to the campuses to complete their studies and undertake online examinations) are hereby informed that the University requires them to remove their belongings from their rooms as soon as practicable, and in any case not later than Monday. 22June 2020.”

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In the notice, the university indicated that, “this is the final opportunity for affected students to remove their belongings with immediate effect, and not later than Monday, 22June, 2020.

The University’s notice concluded that, they will take steps to remove all unclaimed belongings of Non-Final Year students to a common area from Monday 22 June, 2020 and that the University, its employees, agents or assigns shall not be liable for any lost items, unclaimed belongings or damage caused to any belongings.

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