We’re signing our death warrant if EC is allowed to compile new register without existing voter ID and birth cert

Mrs. Jean Mensa, Electoral Commission chairperson
Mrs. Jean Mensa, EC chairperson

Article by Akugri Rashid

The approval of the constitutional instrument (CI) in Parliament which has rule out birth certificate and the current voter’s ID from the requirement is a fantasy.

If it is so then we have to rewrite the 1992 Constitution. The EC has no legal right to determine who a Ghanaian is on her own perspective. Her demeanor to the good people of Ghana is creating a health risk for us, more especially those of us from the North.


Any reasonable human being won’t support such a frivolous move by the EC. How many of us in the North have passport?How many of us have the Ghana card?

This is a deliberate attempt by the chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana Mrs. Jean Mensa to disenfranchise those of us from the Northern zone. We all know that, it is our population that the government consider in the provision of development projects across the country.

This means, the number of voter’s in the Northern part of Ghana will reduce dramatically in most of the polling stations because most of us do not have passports and Ghana card which will allow us to register as eligible voter’s.

If the EC is allowed to go by her decision it will retard development projects in the Northern Region and the demarcations of constituencies, District, municipals and metropolitans assemblies.

Development projects such as Health facilities like Hospitals, Polyclinics, health centres and community Base planning and services (CHPS Compound) won’t see the light of the day. Schools, Rural electrifications, boreholes and many more.

With all this development and projects that is determining by a number of people who are leaving in a particular community will be denied and we the people of the Northern region will continue to suffer.

It’s unwise and preposterous for some of our MPs from the North who knows the gravity of our situation on ground and the inability of many of us to get a quality drinking water will go and vote for the CI to be amended to ensure those of us without passport and ECOWAS cards will be disenfranchised deliberately.

I am on this write up calling on all citizens from the 5 Northern Region to stand up and speak loudly against the pandemic move by the EC. The chiefs, faith based organisations, former members of Parliament, civil society groups who believed in accountability and transparency must speak out to protect the sovereignty of our people from the north.


We were Ghanaians by birth before the votes ID, Ghana card , and passports came into existence. We are Ghanaians who voted for Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to become president of Ghana with the current voter’s ID card.

We are Ghanaians base on the current voter’s ID card which allows us to vote for the demarcation of six new regions and it has be attempted by all. We are Ghanaians who voted for our assembly members and unity Committees across the country and they are being recognised as our leaders.

If indeed the EC boss has any arterial motive, she should make it known to us and stop beating the war drums in our ears everyday. If indeed the EC boss thinks she is incapable in managing the affairs of our electoral body she should resign immediately to ensure peace and transparency in our electoral process.

Let me send a strong caution to the EC and its representatives across the country, that if there is anybody to be disenfranchised in this coming election not we the people of North. She should be noted that even if she goes ahead in compilation of the new voter’s register, she should include the birth certificate and the current voter’s ID card for peaceful coexistence between us.
We respect the EC and her office and he should as well respect our choices in this elections.

If we allowed the EC to go ahead to compile the new voter’s register without including the current voter’s ID card and the birth certificate we are signing our death warrant and we won’t allow that to happen today or tomorrow.

The toils that our fore father’s have gone through in hoisting the Ghana flag as an independent nation shouldn’t be undermined.

Akugri Rashid is a Youth Advocate, a Former TEIN president  of Navrongo nursing training college in the upper East region and NDC activist in the upper East region from bawku constituency. 


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