V/R: Blackout hits Mafi-Srekpe

ECG - Filed photo
ECG - Filed photo

Mafi-Srekpe is a farming community with a population of about 600 people in the Central Tongu District in the Volta Region.

About two weeks ago, there was a heavy rainfall with thunder and lightning which destroyed the electricity transformer in the town. As a result of this development, the town people are still in total darkness for the past two weeks.

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The electricity officials from Sogakope and Ho have visited the place to see the level of damages caused by the thunder to the transformer after one Mr. Theodore Azebo Egoeh has reported the issue to the electricity officials to prompt their attention.

Mr. Theodore Azebo Egoeh also made this known to some key s takeholders in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region for the issue to be resolved.


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Mr. Theodore Azebo Egoeh have really done well for the good people of Mafi-Srekpe for calling on ECG officials to rectify the fault.

But from all indications, after the electricity officials (ECG) from Sogakope and Ho visited Mafi-Srekpe for two consecutive times to rectify the problem, it is now clear that, the transformer has to be changed, but, how long it will take to fix the problem has not been disclosed.

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On this note, the good people of Mafi-Srekpe are calling on all authorities to come to their aid in getting them a new transformer to address the situation.

The Concerned Citizens of Mafi-Srekpe told Coverghana.com.ghafdte

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