V/R: GES develops PLC Action Plan and Data Collation Format for Schools and Districts


Management of the Volta Regional Directorate of Education has developed a Professional Learning Community (PLC) Action Plan for Schools and Professional Learning Community (PLC) Data Collation Format for Municipal and District Directorates.

According to the Directorate, the PLC Action Plan and PLC Data Collection Format were designed to improve the organisation of PLCs in Basic Schools.

The Volta Regional Director of GES Enyonam Afi Amafuga (Ms) said, the decision was taken due to challenges schools are facing with the implementation of Professional Learning Communities
(PLCs) under the Standard Based Curriculum (SBC).


She explained that, it has been observed by Management through monitoring visits that many schools in the Volta region are facing challenges with the implementation of PLCs under the SBC.

According to the Directorate, it is expected that:

1. All Heads of Basic Schools in collaboration with their Staff draw Action Plans at the beginning of each Academic Term to guide the implementation of PLCs.

2. Copies of the PLC Action Plans should be submitted to the Municipal/District Director within two (2) weeks into each Academic Term.

3. Municipal/District Directorates should support and monitor the implementation of PLCs.

4. PLC Attendance Records should be kept towards Teacher License Renewal.

5. Municipal/District Directorates must collate and submit data on PLCs to the Regional Director two (2) weeks after each Academic Term.

Please, find attached the sample PLC Action Plan and PLC Data Collation Format.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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