VIDEO: How to upload certificates to NTC Teachers’ Portal Step-By-Step

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How to upload certificate to NTC Teacher’s Portal Step-By-Step

1. Log in to the official website of NTC here

2. Search for Home and click it.


3. Click Menu and wait for Training records to display.

4. Here, select the Certificate you want to download.

Look out for “Teaching records for TEACHING IN A DIGITAL AGE”

5. Beneath that, “select view or download”

You are about to download the Certificate now. Wait patiently for the file to download.

6. You MUST upload the Certificate you downloaded.

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1. Kindly go back to the Menu at the top.

2. Choose Portfolio from the displayed items.

3. Wait for it to open and select My Portfolio.

4. Click My Portfolio, and wait for it to load.

5. The next item to be displayed will be my teacher portfolio – December, 1st 2021 to December 1st 2022.

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6. Relax and scroll patiently till you locate evidence of professional development.

7. Locate and click on records beneath it.

8. Next, scroll upwards and click on Upload files.

9. Add a new file

10. Afterward, you will see upload files above a search box.

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Carefully write the name of the Workshop you are attending in the search box.

11. After writing it, now select the file you want to upload.


1. The next menu to appear will be “Choose an action”.

From that menu, you are mandated to select “Documents” and locate the file you already downloaded.

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2. Wait for “Documents” to open, locate, and click the file you downloaded in the FIRST PHASE.

NB: It will take some time to load.

3. Go through your downloads and select the Certificate you downloaded.

4. Upload the Certificate now.

5. Finally, when it uploads completely, you will see success displayed.

There are options there for you to cancel the process and view the process again. You can also have a look at what you uploaded successfully.




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