VIDEO: Man, wife and mother-in-law in physical fight as DNA says he’s not kids’ father

DNA Test fail
DNA Test fail

A tumultuous scene erupted when a woman, along with her mother, confronted her husband after revelations from a DNA test questioned the paternity of their children.

The incident was captured in a video that has since gone viral on social media platforms, sparking a range of reactions.

The incident took place on the premises of Kumasi-based Nhyira FM, and the video depicts a heated exchange of words escalating into a physical altercation as the involved parties exited the radio station’s studios.

The video indicates that the argument had already been ongoing within the building, with the footage outside appearing to be a continuation of the conflict.

The man’s mother-in-law can be seen engaging in a verbal confrontation with him, even challenging him to strike her.

This tension culminated in the man attempting to strike her, prompting the intervention of men, likely radio station staff, to prevent any further escalation.

The altercation stemmed from the revelations contained within a DNA report that raised doubts about the paternity of the woman’s children, as reported by SIKAOFFICIAL1.

The situation intensified when the woman attempted to physically intervene as she observed her husband’s aggressive behavior towards her mother.

She rushed forward and attempted to strike him on the head before being restrained by one of the onlookers.

Throughout the video, a uniformed security guard can be seen moving around the scene, while another individual filmed the unfolding events.

In the background, bystanders can be heard voicing their concerns and urging for calm. The incident showcases the emotional intensity surrounding deeply personal matters, sparking a variety of responses from those who have viewed the video online.



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