John Mahama saves poverty-stricken ex-Black Queens goalkeeper Memunatu Sulemana


An article featured in the Daily Post newspaper on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, disclosed that the ex-President has generously provided a comfortable, self-sufficient residence for Sulemana, along with a startup fund to initiate her own business venture.

This kind gesture from the former President comes in response to reports revealing Sulemana’s distressing living conditions.

She has been residing in a makeshift wooden kiosk located in the Kaneshie suburb of Accra, Ghana.

In contrast to her peers who have successfully transitioned into various careers after retiring, Sulemana, at 45 years old, finds herself grappling with significant financial hardships.

During an interview with Original TV, she openly discussed the formidable challenges she currently faces.

Despite having earned income from her career in football, a substantial portion of her earnings were dedicated to taking care of her grandmother, who battled diabetes and required extensive medical care.

Memunatu Sulemana played a pivotal role in Ghana’s historic achievements in women’s football, attaining significant success on the African continent and participating in multiple World Cup tournaments.

A prominent figure in the annals of Ghana’s women’s football history, Sulemana was a member of the national team that made its debut at the 1999 FIFA World Cup, held in the United States.

She continued her participation in subsequent editions, including the 2003 and 2007 tournaments hosted by the United States and China, respectively.

Before her current challenging circumstances, Memnunatu Sulemana also served as the goalkeeper trainer for the Black Maidens of Ghana, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the sport despite her personal difficulties.



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