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The Volta Regional wing of the National Democratic Congress says voltarians must brace themselves for more hardships under this Government.

In a press release dated 21st March, 2021, the NDC Volta indicated that the hardships Ghanaians are going through is just about to begin as the real suffering will begin when the 2021 budget is implemented.

The Government of Ghana under the leadership of President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo introduced some new taxes in the 2021 budget.

Read below the statement from the Volta Region branch of the National Democratic Congress




The Volta Regional NDC wishes to inform the good people of the region to brace themselves up for the state sponsored hardships that will be unleashed on Ghanaians by H.E Nana Akuffo Addo led government as contained in the 2021 budget. This has become apparent as a result of the numerous taxes that Ghanaians will be compelled to pay in the mist of the covid19 woes. In the face of most businesses folding up and people being thrown out of employment because of the covid 19 pandemic, the Nana Addo led government has decided to aggravate the situation of Ghanaians by imposing more taxes.
Ghanaians will have to go through the pain and trauma of paying the following new taxes in the coming days:

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1. Covid 19 health Levy on VAT, Flat Rate Scheme (VFRS) and 1% on NHIL: For this particular tax, Ghanaians are to amazingly pay for the free water and electricity that they had enjoyed during the covid 19 lockdown. Countries like the Unites States, Rwanda, Cote d’voire, Togo among others that have given relief packages to their citizens have not asked them to pay for them.

2.The introduction of a 5% profit before tax on banks as the financial sector cleanup Levy: This tax will impose additional burden on the over burdened Ghanaians because the banks will naturally pass this tax to their customers who had no hand in the mess created by the collapsed banks. This worryingly implies Ghanaians are being punished for the recklessness and failure of those who had been put in positions of leadership and responsibility.

3.The government has also instituted the Sanitation and Pollution Levy (Borla Tax) of 10 pesewas: This money is different from what we pay for the collection of refuse from our houses, so what will this tax be used for?

4.There is also the review of the toll both tax: This means drivers will be paying more than what they normally pay at the various toll boths across the country in the coming days. Is this what the Nana Addo government promised Ghanaians in their “4-more 4 Nana” sloganeering election campaign?

5. Fuel prices will go up by 5.7%: This will have a negative impact on almost every sector of the economy; from agriculture, transport, commerce, education, health care delivery, prices of food, rent and the provision of other services. Is this what Nana Addo government promised Ghanaians?

6. Another tax introduced by the government is gaming and betting: Despite the introduction of these taxes which will push Ghanaians economically backwards, the government of the day that is tethered to the public purse still wants to live ostentatiously without any sacrifice in the interest of the nation. Is this what Nana Addo government promised Ghanaians? It is now very clear that, the free water and free electricity were just a strategises for winning voters. It amounts to taking Ghanaians for granted.

We want to assure the people of the Volta Region, that the NDC is committed to a prosperous Ghana. What we are not committed to is seeing the people of Ghana becoming victims of poverty and hardship as a result of insensitive government policies. This is because government thinks it has the carte blanche to do so despite the despicable hardship the people of the region went through in the past four years.

Sorkpa K. Agbleze
(NDC Regional Communication Officer)

SOURCE : Coverghana.com.gh


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