Who determines citizenship of guarantors whiles applying for passport and Ghana Card? – IMANI’s Franklin Cudjoe queries

The founding president of IMANI Africa Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has query the eligibility of guarantors who are vouching for registrants during the Electoral Commission’s new voter’s registration exercise. According to him, the decision taken by the Supreme Court of Ghana to make the birth certificates and the existing voter ID cards null and void as eligibility requirements for the ongoing new voter’s register is disturbing, disappointing and lack credibility.

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“So it is official. The Supreme Court of Ghana says your birth certificate alone as acquired in Ghana, even when born to Ghanaian parents, is not proof that you are a citizen.” He said.


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According to Franklin Cudjoe, the Supreme Court essentially say, you would need a guarantor, who himself must prove beyond reasonable doubt that he originated from Ghanaian ancestry to make your birth certificate legitimate.

This decision according to him is premature but “some Lawyers agree with this position as they argue for instance, when acquiring a passport with your birth certificate, you are asked for guarantors. Granted, but who determines the Ghanaianess of the guarantor at the time of applying for a passport? The Church of Latter Day Saints or Angel Obinim? He asked.


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The request for guarantors is not to prove that they were present during the intimate act that climaxed and with it released semen into the hallowed abode that birthed you. That is why headmasters of schools and other professionals who merely knew you after birth are asked to be guarantors – passive ones too.” He explained with much disappointment.

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IMANI Africa boss said, we must be careful with this delicate issue – it has plunged a number of African countries into chaos. He also noticed that the Supreme Court, contrary to the needless public commentary about the neutrality of the Amicus parties, simply said on page 6 of their ruling that, they declined the amicus because the parties filed late and in their view did not contain new relevant information. Any other commentary is obiter- non-fa!!.


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