2022 SHS School Selection Portal for BECE Graduates

CSSPS verification and confirmation for 2021 BECE candidates

CSSPS verification and confirmation for 2021 BECE candidates

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2022 SHS School Selection Portal for BECE Graduates

The 2022 Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) has added four (4) new updates to the previously established system.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ministry of Education (MoE), the new features include;

1. The Introduction of a cluster of schools: These are similar schools that belong to the same category which candidates may comfortably accept as alternative schools to their initial choices.

2.  Absorption of 212 Technical Institutes known as TIs

3. Inclusion of 5 Newly Established STEM Schools

4. Opportunity to Select Low Enrollment Schools as Boarding in the 6th Choice.

Opening of 2022 School Selection Portal

In a statement, the Ghana Education Service (GES) announced that the School Selection Portal would be opened by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for both BECE 2022 School and Private Candidates to enable them select their schools online for 2023 Placement.

When will 2022 SHS School Selection Portal be opened?

Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) has disclosed that, the 2022 SHS School Selection will commence from Monday, 14th Nevember, 2022 to 28th November, 2022.

In order to do the exercise faster and efficiently, Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education are to form teams of ICT Teachers/Data Entry Officers to support the Examination Coordinators and Headteacher do the entries of the candidates’ choices.

This, according to GES will help avoid errors in the entries from the schools.

Candidates and parents/guardians are to be invited to confirm the correctness of their choices before finalisation.

Portal for Private BECE Candidates to Select SHS for CSSPS

Private BECE Candidates are to visit
https://www.waecinternetsolution.org to select their Second Cycle Schools using their Index Number and Date of Birth as login ID and password respectively.

Metro/Municipal/District Directors of Education are to ensure effective supervision and monitoring for a successful completion of the exercise.

Conditions for selection of schools

Candidates with guidance from parents/guardians and school authorities;

a) Must choose Six (6) schools (1st – 6th choices) in all.

b) Must select programmes and accommodation for each selected school.

c) Must choose a compulsory day as 6th choice (Catchment Area School) or choose boarding school from the list schools in Appendix 3

d) Must indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to accept or decline to opt for a cluster.

e) Candidates who wish to offer purely

TVET Programmes must select all six (6) TVETS schools from CATEGORY A, B and C as Day or Boarding

f) Cannot choose more than one (1) School from Category A

g) Cannot select more than two (2) schools from Category B

h) May select five (5) choices from Category C and One (1) from Category D (Day) or Appendix 3 (Special Boarding).

CSSPS Portal for BECE graduates

To use the Self Placement module, BECE candidates must visit the CSSPS Portal via www.cssps.gov.gh.

1. Candidates must enter their details (Index numbers and Pin codes) and then choose the available schools with vacancies.

2. Then candidates must print their placement form after submission.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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