Advisory Board of Ministry of Education, Ghana

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

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The Ministry of Education (MoE) has constituted an Advisory Board for effective, smooth and proper implementation of policies among many.

According to the document made available by the Ministry of Education, all sector Ministers are required by law to establish a Ministerial Advisory Board to advise the Ministry of Education on various relevant issues.

The Advisory Board is also to promote constant interaction between the Ministry of Education and the users of its services, and advice the Minister of Education on adjustments in policy directions, planning and operational strategies.

The Advisory Board is made up of:

1. The Minister as the Chairman.

2. The Deputy Minister(s) of the Ministry.

3. The Chief Director.

4. The Chairman of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Council.

5. The Director General of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

6. A representative of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC).

7. A representative of the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

8. A representative of the Ghana National Education Coalition (GNEC).

9. A representative of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).

10. Two Education Experts.



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