Christian doctrine hates polygamy: Bible verses against polygamy

Holy Bible

Holy Bible

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A polygamous person is not a  Christian according to the underlying doctrines of Christianity. A verse from the Bible that rejects it.

It has become a norm to “tie knots” between man and women in our new world of evolution. Before a man decides to marry more than a woman, the decision is triggered by myriad factors. The factors range from personal decisions, people around the couples, family considerations, dedications, supports, the traditional perspectives and future plans (because of the world’s evolution)

As the saying goes, one must sail in accordance to the trends/waves of the journey (life). Based on that notion, married men decodes the adage in their best fitting knowledge in other to approve the saying as genius and certified.

In various homes, members are trained to follow the teachings of adages and proverbs for eternity life.

“Train a child the way they should grow….” society says.

Getting married to more than a woman communicates your levels regarding your wealth in the society. A man is seen as a man if only he marries in multiples.

Way back before ‘religion’ dominants, a lot of homes accepts polygamy and regards it as a norm to support each other hence, making life comfortable to live with.

Contrary to “Western” doctrines specifically the Christianity, it doesn’t embrace the way life lived by  the society which they intend build upon with a director (Holy Bible).

In Christianity, the Holy Bible stands against something society embraces to the peak (polygamy). The scriptures stated clearly in a powerful language in

1 Timothy 3 verse 2,  that “If all of us aspires to be an overseer, he needs a noble task. An overseer, then, ought to be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, capable to teach.”

From the verse, one could testify to the fact that it only spoke about not marrying two women once.

The creator mean only a wife literally but he elaborated further on overseers and how to control their home in a Godly manner.

The bible teaches faithfulness, holiness, and a unique life from the society therefore as a Christian, your life must conform the teachings and preachings of the director(Bible).



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