Cynthia Baragbor’s Inspiring Journey from Keta to Amherst

Cynthia M. Baragbor

Cynthia Makafui Baragbor, the young lady known for her inspiring journey and who made the news, has recently brought good news after gaining support for her education.

Cynthia was a key member of Keta Senior High School’s 2022 National Science and Maths Quiz team, Cynthia played a vital role behind the scenes, ensuring the on-stage competitors were well-equipped.

During the WASSCE exams, she achieved remarkable success, securing straight As in her science program. But facing financial constraints, Cynthia couldn’t afford university education.

After the news of her impressive performance spread enough, it garnered her numerous offers, both locally and internationally.

Ultimately, she opted for a full scholarship at Amherst College. Speaking on it, she said

” … the opportunity I got to meet Afex Hub which helped me with my school scholarships and everything… I got a lot of offers…”

Reflecting on her journey, Cynthia expressed gratitude to the many individuals, including strangers, friends, and family, who supported her.

In an interview with GhanaWeb, Cynthia Baragbor, who loves science says this,
“Science will rule the world so I have to be there. I love seeing myself there, just doing great things… and I know very well science and technology are going to rule the world…

She also encouraged other young women to pursue similar paths, saying:
“I’ll tell them to be very focused, determined, never leave out the hard work because it really pays off. It’s not easy, but it pays off. Nothing good comes easy so you just have to be focused, put in your best… every young lady out there, try putting it on your knee and God will put it on your head,”



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