Drop the gun and hold out your breast ‘obatampa’ – Lukutor squeezes Hawa Koomson

Sur. Maxwell Kwame Lukutor (Left) and Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson (Right)
Sur. Maxwell Kwame Lukutor (Left) and Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson (Right)

The President of the Volta Regional Surveyors Association Sur. Maxwell Kwame Lukutor has dragged the Minister for Special Development Initiative Hon. Mavis Hawa Koomson through the muddy waters following her actions NY firing gunshots at the Electoral Commission’s ongoing registration centre at the Awutu Senya East Constituency.

The airwave is saturated since Monday about a new kid on the action movie block called Hounarable Mavis Hawa Koomson.

She has just featured in one of the scenes at a registration centre in Kasoa where several bullets were fired to disperse a supposed crowd brought by a bus to register in the ongoing voter registration exercise. The facts many others have on the ground however suggests that it is purely an extension of the hatred for a particular ethnic group and the resolve of another to ensure that the supposed Togolese as the Eʋes are being described don’t partake in any exercise to elect her as a Ghanaian MP.


She, through her actions, has earned herself the accolade of “Kasoa Rambo” and a “gangster” in many circles. My first Free SHS WAEC question is since when has Hawa transformed from a law maker to a law enforcer?

This action has attracted a lot of condemnation from all well meaning Ghanaians in and outside Ghana including some New Patriotic Party (NPPl faithfuls, the NDC, the Peace Council, the Catholic Bishop’s Conference, CSOs Parliament and even the Electoral Commission itself, even though in a very subtle manner . We have gotten to this stage where we call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.

The only person we are yet to hear from on the matter is Mr “P”. The call from “all and sandria” (in the language of Chairman Wontumi) is for Hawa to resign or be fired by Mr “P”. We are waiting oh. This is not a sign of weakness but rather of seriousness in governance.

My disgust however is the few who will defend her blindly and claim she was just defending herself. My shock is the upside down defence mounted by one Nana Obiri Boahen the Deputy General Secretary of the Elephant’s party. Did I hear people say he is a lawyer? Listening to him on Citi FM with Umaru Sanda made me bow my head in shame. I thought I was listening to an inter class debate by students of Kasoa Free SHS during entertainment.

My disdain rose when he didn’t allow the host to compare this scene to the “ShattaStonebwoy” episode. She sort to portray that the “Ninja MP” was more of a human being than the two singers put together. What an insult. But wait a little why should you be surprised at this. This Elephant group believes that some people are more Ghanaians than others. It is said that coming events casts their shadows.
“Kese be ye wula ƒe nu meve ye o gake amesi le la dƶram be kese lae” …to wit a dead monkey said he doesn’t feel bad about his killer but about the monkey meat seller.


I am not at this point appalled at the behavior of the “Ninja MP” but those who would defend this in the name of expediency.

Mr President, your people are gradually sliding you down the defeat lane. One down and she is next to go. If they want to push you down, push them first. After all “Ame nɔvi ƒe ku nyo wu ame ŋtɔ tɔ”

I remember when I was a kid, anytime we go wrong (usually when our father was not at home) my mum will threaten and actually report us for the old boy to operate on our skin with any material he could lay his hands on; from robes, cables, sticks to clubs and anything he could throw.

Our mothers are known to be empathetic towards their kids and will rather come in to make peace rather than make war even if they create it.

In our case, during or after the sound body works, it is my grandmother who will always come to rescue us from the claws of our father. That is the primary characteristic of an “obatampa” and not what we saw in Hawa’s case.

It is therefore ironic that the supposed Obantapa will exact the punishment herself to her constituents and not rather report any alleged misconduct to the law enforcers. I expect her to rather show her motherly side as a caring mother by giving her breast out to the crying children rather than scaring them with a gun she claimed she fired but cannot name.

I guess she is scared of the nemesis of her action and looking for a cover. You have lost your acclaimed title of “obatampa” and gained a new one of “Kasoa Rambo” and “gangster”. Enjoy your new position until you get fired and get your ass booted out on 7th December.


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