Fredouse Iddi-Amin: The teacher every student loves

Fredouse Iddi-Amin

Fredouse Iddi-Amin

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The Ghana Teacher Prize (GTP) celebrates Fredouse Iddi-Amin for his tremendous efforts for the teaching fraternity. He is the teacher every student loves.

Teacher Fredouse Iddi-Amin has been nominated for the GTP 2023 Teaching Category.

He is a teacher at Ogbojo Presbyterian Basic School located in the Adenta Municipal, Greater Accra Region.

Mr. Fredouse Iddi-Amin began his educational journey at the Accra College of Education, culminating in a Bachelor of Education from Valley View University.

He is not just a teacher. He is a born teacher, a mentor, an innovator, and a community leader at Ogbojo Presbyterian Basic School.

The Scheme in their publication said “Elevating Academic Excellence
Fredouse’s teaching methods are a blend of tradition and innovation. He seamlessly integrates music into drawing lessons, making learning engaging.

“His students don’t just learn theoretically; they solve tangible school problems, from mending broken desks to enhancing classroom environments. He organises free extra classes for BECE students in his community, ensuring no child is left behind.

“Under Fredouse’s guidance, students consistently excel, transitioning smoothly to higher educational institutions.

Further, they wrote about his winning of the 2020 Applaud Teacher Award & Recognition.

“In 2020, Fredouse’s dedication was recognised when he received the Applaud Teacher Award. This accolade, given to outstanding educators, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to elevating the teaching profession.”



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