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The introduction of the standards-based curriculum in the Pre-tertiary level of education has necessitated a shift in assessment practices and delivery in the country.

In view of the change in curriculum, the National Pre-tertiary Learning Assessment Framework (NPLAF) – has been developed. The NPLAF aligns with the National Pre-Tertiary Curriculum Framework, the new standards-based curriculum and supports their implementation. This document will serve as a storehouse policy of all principles, practice and conduct of assessments linked with learning at the pre-tertiary levels of education in Ghana.

The focus is to provide everyone involved with assessment in Ghana (such as teachers, policy makers and parents), with a reference manual that clearly outlines how the curriculum standards – knowledge (and its use), skills and values will be assessed.


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The NPLAF provides guidelines to stakeholders in terms of what assessment means (within the Ghanaian context), the purpose and uses of assessments, what to assess, how to assess, when to assess, who is assessed, who assesses, and other responsibilities associated with assessments including assessment resources.

The NPLAF covers learner assessment as well as the alignment between pedagogy and assessment. Thus, making it easier to measure the attainment of Ghanaian learners at various grade-levels against agreed standards and monitor their progress.

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Additionally, it will improve the reliability, validity and fairness of teachers’ assessment practices, whiles assuring accountability and public confidence in the assessment system. With such an assessment guide, teachers, parents and other stakeholders would better understand their roles in assessment and the teaching and learning process.

As learners move from one grade level to another, the NPLAF will help educators make informed decisions on their selection and placement into institutions and programmes.

Alongside the revised School-Based Assessment (SBA) document, the NPLAF will help to monitor the progress of learners. It will guide the preparation and conduct of various school￾level, district, national and international assessments and tests.

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The Ministry of Education aims at developing empowered Ghanaian learners who are globally competitive in terms of their attitudes, skills, values and competencies.

Ultimately, the Ministry envisages that the Assessment Framework will support this course by providing consistent and reliable data for decision making at all levels of pre-tertiary education. With the introduction of this policy document, I am fully confident that the quality of learning at the pre-tertiary level will be enhanced.

There are two Resource Packs. Namely, Learners Resource Pack and Teachers Resource Pack.

The Learner Resource Pack provides helpful information that learners need to enable them take active part in lessons in class. It provides lots of information to the learner on what is expected of them in the course of monitoring their own progress on the various strands of the curriculum. It also contains sample assessment tasks and homework. These samples are just to guide the learner to fully participate and monitor their own progress.

The Teachers Resource Pack is meant to help teachers to get an insight into what is in the curriculum to inform them in the facilitation of lessons. It gives hints to teachers which they must take note of for successful implementation of the curriculum.

Download all the New Curriculum for JHS Common Core Programme

Click on the embeded link at the right top conner of each document, all Learners and Teachers Resource Packs of the New JHS Common Core Programme (CCP) Curriculum and download them. 

Mathematics Teacher’s Resource Pack.

Teacher’s Resource Pack for Science

Learner’s Resource Pack for Science

Teacher’s Resource Pack for English Language

Learner’s Resource Pack for English Language

Teachers Resource Pack for Physical and Health Education

Learner’s Resource Pack for Physical and Health Education

Ghanaian Language Teacher’s Resource Pack

Ghanaian Language Learner’s Resource Pack

Teacher’s Resource Pack for Computing

Learner’s Resource Pack for Computing.

French Teacher’s Resource Pack

French Learner’s Resource Pack

Religious and Moral Education Resource Pack

Social Studies Resource Pack for teachers 

Career Technology Resource Pack for Teacher’s

Creative Arts and Design Teacher’s Resource Pack.

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