GES Third Term Week Endings for Primary Schools in Lesson Preparation


The third term week endings for Kindergarten and Primary Schools have been announced to guide teachers to effectively prepare Learning Plan and Scheme of Learning.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES) 2021 academic calendar for schools, Primary Schools across the country have reopened school on Monday, 6th September, 2021 to end the Academic Year.

In that regard, a comprehensive Week Endings for the third term have been designed for all teachers under the category.


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According to the calendar, the third term is scheduled to end on Friday, 10th December, 2021 for all Kindergarten and Primary Schools.


The Primary Schools are expected to have two (2) public holidays in the third term. These include;

1. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah memorial day on Tuesday, 21st September, 2021 of the third week.


2. Farmers Day on Friday, 3rd December, 2021, of the 13th Week.

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The table below shows the week Endings for Kindergarten and Primary schools till vacation.

1ST WEEK ENDING 10/09/2021 OR 10TH SEPTEMBER, 2021
2ND WEEK ENDING 17/09/2021 OR 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2021
3RD WEEK ENDING 24/09/2021 OR 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2021
4TH WEEK ENDING 01/10/2021 OR 1ST OCTOBER, 2021
5TH WEEK ENDING 08/10/2021 OR 8TH OCTOBER, 2021
6TH WEEK ENDING 15/10/2021 OR 15TH OCTOBER, 2021
7TH WEEK ENDING 22/10/2011 OR 22ND OCTOBER, 2021
8TH WEEK ENDING 29/10/2021 OR 29TH OCTOBER, 2021
9TH WEEK ENDING 05/11/2021 OR 5TH NOVEMBER, 2021
10TH WEEK ENDING 12/11/2021 OR 12TH NOVEMBER, 2021
11TH WEEK ENDING 19/11/2021 OR 19TH NOVEMBER, 2021
12TH WEEK ENDING 26/11/2021 OR 26TH NOVEMBER, 2021
13TH WEEK ENDING 03/12/2021 OR 3RD DECEMBER, 2021
14TH WEEK ENDING 10/12/2021 OR 10TH DECEMBER, 2021




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