GES touts categories of Violence in Schools in Ghana

School violence
School violence

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has touted categories of Violence in Schools in Ghana.

According to the Ghana Education Service, it’s very important to outline some violences that are meted out to school children in schools at this very crucial moment that, the Service is embarking on zero corporal and inhumane punishment in schools.

The school violence unveiled by the Ghana Education Service are classified under three major categories, thus; Physical Violence, Psychological Violence and Sexual Violence.


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What is school violence?

According to the Ghana Education Service’s definition, school violence is a behaviour which results in humiliation,
damage or injury to another person and
or which results in someone living in
fear of another person’s behaviour.

Examples of School violence are;


1. Physical Violence

2.  Bullying

3. Corporal Punishment

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1. Sexual violence and harassment

2. Coecion

3. Discrimination


1. Verbal abuse

2. Emotional abuse

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The Education Service has therefore  cautioned all GES staff to desist from using any form of the above punishment methods as a means of Disciplinary actions against students.

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This information is contained in the regional level training manual on Back-to-School Campaign given out to schools by GES.



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