GES outlines topmost reasons violence persists in Schools 

Teaching canning his students
Teaching canning his students

The Ghana Education Service has outlined reasons violence persists in Schools, especially Pre-Tertiary Institutions across the Country.

The situation is worrying to the Ghana Education Service because, the data on school violence is becoming worse, making school environments unsafe, hence the need to caution GES staff by re-informing them on the subject matter.

GES touts categories of Violence in Schools in Ghana


These are the reasons on which violence persists in schools:

1. Unequal and disrespectful power
imbalances between victim and

2. Inadequate information about
the damage that violence can do to individuals and the society as a whole.

3. Bullying is accepted as “a normal
part of growing up”

4. Sexual harassment is seen as
relatively harmless and even

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5. Teachers and some think that
corporal punishment has always
been used and therefore it must

6. Inadequate information about how to deal with bullying and sexual harassment.

7. Lack of knowledge and experience of implementing discipline in schools in
non-violent ways.

8. Inadequate skills and training on
classroom management.

9. Behaviours learnt through cultural practices: the notion that physical punishment is an appropriate tool for disciplining children.

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10. Behavioural disorders.

11. The use of bullying to settle scores (retaliation) especially amongst peers.



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