I will lead CPP into victory in December 2020 polls – Dr. Divine Ayivor

Dr. Divine Ayivor
Dr. Divine Ayivor

A presidential candidate hopeful for the Convention people’s party (CPP), Dr. Divine Ayivor is optimistic that convention people’s party can change the voting pattern in Ghana if he becomes the CPP’s presidential candidate.

According to him, the current leading political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have proven they have nothing to offer Ghanaians and that is why the CPP needs someone like him to pull what would be described as political miracle in the upcoming December 2020 elections.

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Dr. Divine Ayivor was speaking to our Reporter Christian Ahodie in an exclusive interview in Ho.
The Convention Peoples Party CPP would be electing its presidential candidate on 22nd August to lead the party into the 2020 general election contest. So far three persons have shown interest to lead the CPP.

Rev. Dr Divine Ayivor believes he stand tall as he has what it takes to bring the Nkrumah’s party back to power after over six decades. To him, the NDC and NPP are no match to the CPP if the CPP gets the right flagbearer.

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He is not happy about how successive governments apart from the CPP have being playing politics with the educational system in Ghana.

He said his CPP led government will make sure Ghanaians patronize their own goods and cut down on importation.

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The current economic condition of the country according to the CPP flagbearer hopeful is nothing to write home about. He has therefore called on Ghanaians to change the one way voting pattern which has not offered any better result.

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