Jasikan College of Education refuses to disburse graduands’ feeding grant refund

Jasikan College of Education
Jasikan College of Education


Information available to CoverGhana reveals that, management of Jasikan College of Education (JASICO) has refused to disburse a feeding grant component of teacher trainees allowance (stipend to the 2022 graduating class of the college after a direction from PRINCOF has been issued in a crafty plan.

The 2022 graduating class from the Jasikan College of Education (JASICO) in the Oti Region is in a state of dilemma as the graduation ceremony date is drawing closer.

According to a notice from the management, they have rescheduled a new date for the graduation ceremony.

Information confirmed that, the College management is now using the graduation ceremony as an excuse for not disbursing the allowance deductibles to the students.

Earlier, management of the College announced 22nd July, 2023 for the ceremony but it was postponed.


Management of the college promised to refund the graduands stipend due to them for years now but there is no clear plan for the disbursement.

On the 5th day of September, 2023, the Assistant Secretary for General Administration of the college Raymond W.S Assisi issued a notice indicating the new schedule for the 2022 graduation ceremony.

According to the served notice, the new date for the graduation ceremony is the 30th of September 2023.

The college management promised to refund a sum of money due the graduands for years now however, it appears that the management is dilly-dallying with the whole issue.

Upon a lot of shared dissatisfactions from the graduands, management of the college issued a statement via the graduating batch’s SRC directing how the money due the graduates would be disbursed.

In the issued statement, the management of the college disclosed that they can only disburse what is due to the graduates on the graduation ceremony day (only tabletop disbursement; no account transfer) which has been scrutinized by the graduands to be impossible and tricky (a plan geared towards not paying them).

The said stipend is the feeding component paid into the college’s account by students loan trust fund on behalf of government during students Macro teaching (out programme) since 2021.


The outstanding cash in question tallied up to GH¢800.00 (4 months) per graduand.

However, the college communicated to the graduands that they would deduct GH¢450.00 as their graduation fee before refunding the remainder (GH¢334.00 which will be subjected to some petty deductions before payment).

To the graduands, their population and the “ups and downs” the management would make them go through may not allow the refund exercise to run smoothly on that very day. As a result, the served a notice for the disbursement to be done via Momo to every beneficiary.


The graduands shared that their SRC executives seem to be less concerned and inactive about the plea they have tabled before them for months now following alleged threats to the executives.

Based on the inability of the SRC executives to fight for their colleagues, the graduands deem it fit that the management should update them on the mode of payment (2 days ahead of the graduation day for the collection of the stipend due them).

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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