NPP Women Organiser speaks after the military burnt her excavators for alleged illegal mining

National Women Organizer of NPP Madam Kate Gyamfua
National Women Organizer of NPP Madam Kate Gyamfua

The National Women Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Madam Kate Gyamfua breaks her long awaited silence after the military and the joint operation vanguard burnt her company’s mining equipment.

You will recalled that, the military in the recent time raided the premises of some illegal mining sites across the country to burn equipment used for illegal mining popularly known as “Galamsey”. The NPP National Women Organizer’s mining company called Extra Gold Mining LTD was visited by the joint military task force where sixteen (16) excavators and one (1) bulldozer were burnt into ashes.

After the operation, she released a statement stating among several others that her company, Extra Gold Mining LTD is legally registered and has been paying huge money, royalties, taxes, stool land fees etc.

“A future NDC Government would not burn seized galamsey excavators” – Slyvester Mensah

Kate Gyamfua unequivocally said, her company has been operating in Ghana since 2006, and every one including the military know they are a legal mining company. She finds the action of the state own institutions destroying equipment of mining companies operating legally worrying and called on them to stopped immediately for the good of Ghana and its citizens.

In a press statement sighted by the management of Extra Gold Mining LTD said;

The military entered the concessions of Xtra-Gold Mining Limited in Atiwa West District of the Eastern Region on May 16, 2021 and burnt 16 excavators and 1 bulldozer

Operation Vanguard storms Tano River, seizes 16 excavators use for illegal mining

Xtra-Gold Mining Limited is a illegally registered large scale lease holder of 5 concessions and our company has all the necessary government permits to conduct mining operations.

We have been operating since 2006, and every one including the military know we are a legal mining company. The government’s directive was to bun the equipment of illegal miners, not legal mining companies. These unlawful actions are “a clear violation of the rule of law”

Our company pays “big money” royalties, taxes, stool land fees, social responsibility and employ hundreds of local workers. At the same time that we are paying all these “huge taxes, the military is burning millions of dollars of our mining equipment.

[Videos+Photos]: The current state of River Tano due to illegal mining

These military personnel seem to be taking the law into their own hands, and should be stopped immediately for the good of Ghana and its citizens.

In a separate letter dated May 13, 2021 from the General Manager of Extra Gold Mining LTD Kate Gyamfua to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Samuel A. Jinapor, with the caption; RE: XTRA-GOLD MINING LIMITED LARGE SCALE MINING LEASE HOLDER IN THE EASTERN
REGION said;

“80% of journalists in Ghana are thieves” – Kennedy Ohene Agyapong

Xtra-Gold Mining Limited (“Xtra-Gold” or the “Company”) is the holder of five (5)
concessions (the “Leases”) in the Eastern Region. Our Company has conducted alluvial mining and exploration activities since 2006, and all our Leases are in good standing.

We are aware that the military has been recently sent out to destroy all illegal miners equipment. We have enclosed a map outlining our Leases, with copies of our 2021 Mineral Commission Mining Operating Permits (the “permits”). We would be grateful, if you could provide our map and permits to the Commander leading the military operations, so they know we are a legally registered mining company.

We are thank you for your continued support!

“Pray for Ghana, We are in a M.ess” – Edem Agbana tells Ghanaians



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