Pope Francis advises on Christmas expenses; spend less and donate to Ukraine

Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergoglio

The Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis urged everybody to spend less during this year’s Christmas festive season.

Speaking at his weekly general audience at the Vatican, he said “It is nice to celebrate Christmas. But let’s lower the level of Christmas spending a bit.”

His words were encouragement for helping the people who the Russia-Ukraine war affected adversely months ago.

Yesterday, 13th December 2022 Ukraine’s “Western allies promised an extra 1 billion euros which is equivalent to $1.1 billion in emergency winter aid to help the country withstand Russia’s onslaught.”

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Today, 14th December 2022 Pope is on his weekly general audience at the Vatican and is encouraging everybody to support Ukraine by spending less on Christmas, saving the extra, and donating to the people of Ukraine.

According to Pope Francis, celebrations form an integral part of our lives but, in a situation where others are in pain and lost hope for the future, donations from the extravagant expenses for Christmas will console the hearts of the war-affected people.

Pope Francis said the people of Ukraine “are suffering so much. They are hungry and cold. So many people are dying because there are no doctors or nurses.”

Further, he added that Christians must be humble and supportive in challenging times.

“Let’s have a more humble Christmas, with more humble gifts. Let’s send what we save to the Ukrainian people, who need it.”


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