Prof. Opoku-Agyemang, the ‘Double A’; The epitome of decorum, respect and dignity in politics – Maxwell Lukutor writes

Sur. Maxwell Kwame Lukutor and Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang
Sur. Maxwell Kwame Lukutor and Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang

There is a company in Sokpoe in South Tongu District called Double AA and it is written AA. I wonder why double AA and not just AA.

The elders say “Nu ɣike le vevie la vevie ze me woɖanɛ le”… to wit what is important is cooked in an important pot. I now see the importance of the double AA.

Since the NDC went through the legitimate process of electing a flagbearer in February 2019 they knew no peace from the Elephants who kept quizzing and insinuating about who the Vice Presidential candidate was.

The noise became cacophonous since they themselves at the time the demands were being made had officially no Candidate. Is it always the case that empty barrels make the most noise ? When you ask them, they tell you we are maintaining the President.

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Finally they affirmed the President and his Vice and the noise became as loud as Kwaku Baako’s on Newsfile or Kwesi Pratt’s on Alhaji and Alhaji (Massa).

Behind the scenes, the NPP bigwigs had sharpened their mouths like that of Ursula and Otiko on JDM during 2016 elections to devour any appointee as Veep. Daggers were drawn like the knife of Aligidon in the Sogakope Zongo to tear any name asunder like Odartey Lamptey and the wife.

Finally, the name dropped and unfortunately it was neither Duffuor nor Botchway or General Mosquito but a political “Secondary Virgin” Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang the academic prodigy and the only woman Professor who once headed the University near the Coast of Cape Three Points.

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The first person to wrongly use the drawn dagger was the communication officer for the Elephants who said “kayayees” won’t wave at her on the streets of Accra. But wait a little, who said Naana was chosen for or from the streets? Which of our former VPs were chosen for or from the streets? If it were a street contest I am sure the Elephants would have chosen Kwao Kese as their VP.

Next time tell them to pick Shatta Wale and get all the cheers on the streets of Chorkor. It was a big goof from the law maker communicator.

The next shocking one came from the “Mugabeic” parliamentary classmate of Bagbin, Osei Kyei Mensah who said she has never been an MP and cannot be showcased as a president in the absence of JDM. What kind of thinking and analogy is that? Since when has the Presidency become a tertiary institution for promoting the “Nana Addo graduates” from Parliament?

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The next expected one came from a “Cocoase” illiterate chairman in the Garden city calling the revered Professor a disappointed individual. How? Has any of his family risen to that academic height of Naana or her children. Indeed “Ne elo le amea, loviwo tsana asi ameŋu nyatefe” meaning once you are caught by a crocodile the little ones will definitely play with you. An upfront to academia, womanhood and humanity in general coming from such an illiterate school drop out.


The bashing then started coming from “the sound” in society and those who believe in serenity and gentility in politics and who wish to “see something different” on the political turf.

After the NPP realising that “The higher the Monkey climbs a tree, the more exposed the anus becomes”, guards were let down and even the sharp okro mouthed Ursula had to speak kind words about her colleague woman Prof.

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After all ” Nyagaɖeɖi gbɔ mɔmlɔ nyo wu drɔe baɖa kuku” to wit. … its better to sleep with an old lady than have a bad dream.

Then came the President Nana (with single A) admonishing all his communicators to speak about “his achievement” and not about the NDC VP obviously after the fruitless search to find s**t to splash her elegant designer dress which she gracefully wore during her outdooring.
The communication then became “its not her but him” funny right?

Her maiden introductory speech which was interlaced with witty moments and philosophical sayings won the hearts of many Ghanaians who are seeing a new wave of communication from the VP’s boxing corner in recent times. Change from cacophonic head shaking jackal-like speech to a sincere state-like structured professorial lecture full of basic simple grammar and expressions and truth.

There came the maiden tour of her home Region to officially introduce herself. This brought to the fore the positive defiance of most of our chiefs who are damming the consequence of the intimidating governance we see these days to openly speak their minds and call out leadership for their inactions and lies.

What caught my attention, to warrant my ink, is the humility exhumed by this revered Professor and Scholar whenever she appeared before the chiefs and people she visited . I saw her hands always at her back in pictures making rounds on social media and i said to myself waaooo, what a well cultured ,mannered and obedient woman VP in politics. I remembered the late Prof Mills (may his soul RIP). How I wish the Nanas I know eg. Nana A, Nana O.B and Nana K… I dare mention the full names oh (all with single A) will be like Prof. Naana (with the double A) to bring dignity to the business of Politics.

Naana has won the hearts and admiration of many including me and especially women. She is giving hope to my girls and many more that decency in politics can take them to the very top.
Naana brɛ mu ne be sisamu. Kwae su brɛbrɛ.

Maxwell Lukutor
Sogakope – South Tongu


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