Student Loan Trust Fund

Student Loan Trust Fund

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Repay student loan and enjoy an e-levy waiver

The Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) Ghana has published the steps for paying Student Loan Via Mobile Money (MoMo) at ease.

Be alert that, there are a lot of people posing as agents of the Fund to defraud loan applicants with the payment of processing fees.

SLTF urged all loan applicants to deal only with officials of the Fund. The Fund advised using the approved repayment means on their site always to be free from Fraudsters.

How to repay Student Loan via MoMo

Follow the steps below and repay your Student Loan with ease:

  1. Visit the official website of SLTF at and proceed with the subsequent menus.
  2. After opening the site link, locate Pay Loan. It is the last option from the three (3) options that will be displayed.
  3. Click the Pay Loan button and expect another menu.


4. Here, your credentials will be needed. They are in two (2) mediums.

If you have a Student Loan account already, just select the login button and provide your credentials/details ( i.e SSNIT number*).

If you do not have a Students Loan account already, still select the button engraved with login and key your login credentials when it opens (i.e SSNIT number*).

5. Expect an email. The mail will contain a code and a text message to complete the process.

6. The next step is to choose to Pay My Loan.

NB: You MUST receive the email and text message before you proceed with step 6.

7. Another menu will be displayed at this stage also. Confirm your credentials/details and continue with the process.

8. Choose and proceed.


9. There is some vital info here to pay attention to before you proceed with the Mobile Money payment.

To pay via Mobile Money (any network):

You will be asked to complete some fields and the amount you wish to pay.

Choose to Proceed to Payment.

Finally, complete the payment on your phone by approving the transaction.

For further inquiries, call SLTF through 030271020

Email: [email protected]



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