Sexually transmitted leadership resulting in matrimonial inheritance; A new trend in Ghana politics – Maxwell Lukutor quizzes 

Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.
Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.

In Social studies we know of Patrilineal and Matrilineal Inheritance in Ghana. You either inherit from your maternal lineage or paternal line. What is common with the Eʋes, is the patrilineal but once a while matrilineal benefit (nyruiyɔvi nuɖuɖu) becomes inevitable and matrilineal with Akans.

Traditionally, in Africa, the death of a partner particularly a husband is a very serious issue for families.  It comes with a lot of mix feelings and suspicions. The families of the deceased husbands usually  suspects the wife/ wives of having a hand in his death. That of my ‘alata’ brothers is quite terrible to the extent that the wife is made to take some concoctions and swear before gods all in the bid to prove her innocence. This is followed by widowhood rights for a long time (sometimes for as long as a year) before coming back to their normal selves/ lives. Widowhood itself comes with a lot of myths and a lot of dos and don’ts (taboos ).

Naturally, the pain of loosing a dear one is so traumatic and devastating that it takes one a long time to come to terms with it and get back to normal live.


I’m not part of agenda setting; Smear campaign against me in 2020 polls – Maxwell Lukutor

About a week ago Ghana lost one of its Legislators, Hon. Ekow Hayford who filed with the EC for reelection a day before his demise.  He was said to have been returning from a campaign trip when he was shot dead by supposed armed robbers who angrily recounted how our leaders have made life more difficult for the ordinary Ghanaians. What is shocking is why he was the only one who was shot and killed. Not even the recalcitrant driver died.

The Police as usual are repeating their lines ie “we shall get to the bottom of the case and bring perpetrators to book.” The security couple will still play chaskele with the matter till it dies out naturally.

The WAEC question is have they found the killers of Hon. JB Danquah since 2016? The elders  say “ka xoxoa nu wogbea yeyea ɖo” meaning you usually will continue a new rope from an old left one.

Sing unto Ghana a new song; the choristers’ manifesto – Maxwell Lukutor writes

Oh sorry wai. I have digressed from my main topic.  My debate topic for today is whether the seat of Parliament is becoming a monarchy or better still a matrimonial inheritance. My definition of matrimonial inheritance is where an officer dies in the line of duty and the wife automatically t akes over his roles and responsibilities.
More specifically is this new trend of wives of Members of Parliament automatically getting the nod to replace their husbands after their demise. If the news I heard come to pass, then this will be the fourth  time in recent times that this has happened.


In Science and Mathematics, when you have three occurrences in a row in series or  sequence then it is seen as a trend and modeling then begins.

Does it fit into Ghanaian tradition that your husband is dead and is yet to be buried and you a wife would be named as a political successor to a dear husband? What surprises me is the vim such women have to be going round campaigning while their husbands lie in the morgue not out of natural death but through murder and accidents 🙄 . The four occurrences I refer to, all happened in bizzare circumstances. First was an NDC MP of Shai Osudoku, second was NDC MP of Tempane. Next is Ayawaso West Wugon NPP MP (the widow unfortunately nicknamed  *Bloody Widow*) and now Mfantseman NPP MP being the forth. Will she be a ‘bloody widow II’?  We have just heard of the death of yet another one in Yapei Kusawgu. Will her wife succeed him too? Hmmmmmm

Forcing them to play nonsense – Maxwell Lukutor shakes the ground with his usual ‘coughs’

Politics I know is a game of craft and wits. Since when has it become a family business that a partner can inherit easily under these unfortunate circumstances? But hey who determines how long a widow should mourn when widowers mourn just for few days.

Have the wives been groomed to take over as it were or it is just an emotional or business decision. Or has Leadership now been classified by scientists at Noguchi  as “a sexually transmitted trait?”_🤷‍♀️

Emotionally I don’t see anyone being in the best frame of mind to succeed the partner after his/her demise especially in such horrible circumstances🤧 and performs well.

What results do we expect if our Parliament is reduced to a house of widows and widowers instead of classic leaders to change the fortunes of Ghana? 🙆‍♂️. Maybe the politicians choose their partners in their line of political business and so choose wives who they believe can automatically succeed them when they die mysteriously😩 .This will be the award winning punchline for those speaking for the motion.  After all “Akpa medzia vi woɖia adehe o” to wit the fingerlings of tilapia can’t be a photocopy of mud fish. 🙂

Ghana Police Service Arrests 5 Persons in connection with the murder of the MP for Mfantsiman East, Hon. Ekow Quansah Hayford

But on a very serious note these wives, I believe, have a heart of a lion oh (not a football club) and I say kudos to them for the bold step. Its like an apprentice taking over from the master. Succession plan executed to the letter. 👏

People who believe in conspiracy  theories will read other  meanings to these things and thus making male MPs endangered species. Or is it the implementation of the affirmative action upside down? 🤷‍♀️  My male politicians please  be careful in choosing your partners and wives oh hmmmmmm. A word to wise MPs is in Parliament House.

Maxwell Lukutor
South Tongu- Sogakope



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