Sharon Osbourne Net Worth, Age, Husband, Children, Parents & Biography

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Rachel Osborne known widely as Sharon Osbourne is a British-American Tv personality. Also, she is a music manager and author. Her career started with a Tv reality show dubbed “The Osbournes” from 2002 to 2005 as a Co-host.

Later after the reality show, Sharon Osbourne became the Jugde and mentor on The X Factor from 2004 to 2007, Talent Show, including Americans Got Talent where her named sink down into households.

Some of her achievements are as follows:

  1. She won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Programme in the 2002  for the reality show dubbed “The Osbournes”.
  2. She also won the Glamour Award for Entrepreneur in the year 2004.
  3. She won the Glamour Award for TV Personality in the year 2006.
  4. She won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host in the year 2017.

Sharon Osbourne Height & Weight 

Sharon Osbourne measures 5 feet 2 inches which is equivalent 157 centimetres high. Her body weighs 55 kilograms, equivalent to 121 Ibs.

Sharon Osbourne Nationality 

Sharon Osbourne is a British-American. She holds the citizenship of both United Kingdom and America at a go but she was born in London, U.K.

Sharon Osbourne Age: How old is Sharon Osbourne?

Sharon Osbourne was born in Brixton, London on 9th October 1952. She is 70 as of 2022.

Name Sharon Rachel Osbourne
Date of Birth October 9, 1952 in Brixton, London, United Kingdom
Nationality British-American
Spouse Ozzy Osbourne
  • Television personality
  • Music manager
  • Author
Net Worth $220 million


Sharon Osbourne Education 

Sharon Osbourne attended school and dropped out when she turned fifteen (15). She later got employed in several jobs. Much about her education is not available in the public domain as of December 2022.


Sharon Osbourne Husband 

Ozzy Osbourne is the husband of Sharon Osbourne the British-American Tv personality, music manager, and author. They tied the knot in Hawaii (Maui) on 4th July 1982 till date, 2022.

Sharon Osbourne Children 

Sharon Osbourne is a mother of three (3) children. Their names are:

  1. Kelly Osbourne. 
  2. Aimee Osbourne. 
  3. Jack Osbourne.

Sharon Osbourne Parents 

Harry Levy commonly known as Don Arden, father and his wife Hope Shaw commonly referred to as Neé Shaw, mother are the parents of Sharon Osbourne the Tv personality.

Sharon Osbourne Siblings

Sharon Osbourne has three siblings. Their names are:

  1. David Arden
  2. Dixie Shaw
  3. Richard Shaw

Sharon Osbourne Net Worth 

Sharon Osbourne has a net worth of $220 Million in estimation. He source of wealth is believed to be her Television personality, music manager, and author careers including other things she does.

Sharon Osbourne Instagram 

Sharon Osbourne has a verified and active instagram account bearing the name sharonosbourne She has over 1.2 Million followers.

Check her out here:

What disease does Sharon Osbourne son have?

Sharon Osbourne’s 26 years old son, Jack Osbourne has been diagnosed with a Central Nervous System disease known  multiple sclerosis simply called as MS. It is a Autoimmume disease. The parents of Jack Osbourne let-out the news.

Sharon Osbourne news today 

Sharon Osborne has been released from hospital after she was admitted. The news was share by herself on Instagram.


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