South Tongu MP clears doubt in Constituents mind as NDC launches campaign

South Tongu MP - Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome
South Tongu MP - Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome

The Member of Parliament for the South Tongu Constituency Mr. Wisdom Korbla Mensah Woyome has provided detailed education on the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC’s) achievements within his Constituency to clears doubts in the minds of Constituents as the party launches its campaign for the December 2020 polls.

Speaking at a ceremony on Sunday 25th October, 2020 to officially launch the National Democratic Congress’s 2020 campaign held at the Comboni Conference Hall, Sogakope in the Volta Region, Mr. Korbla Mensah Woyome said, he took over as an MP with numerous deficit in the Constituency.

According to him, at the time he was first elected as Member of Parliament in the December 2008 polls, about 45 communities were connected to the national grid during the previous administrations. But the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during his regime has extended electricity to over 3,000 communities in South Tongu within the years under review. He said with sadness that, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who took power in the December 2016  polls did nothing in the areas of electrification in South Tongu for almost four years in government meanwhile, the NDC has connected virtually all communities in Agave and its environs to the national grid.


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He jabbed the ruling government and said, in recent time, provision of streetlights has become a major project for the whole president of the Republic H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to be commissioning. Meanwhile, when NDC was in power, they were fixing and extending electricity to communities that were not connecting to the national grid.

Explaining further, he disclosed that, about only 37 communities have potable drinking water at the time he officially assumed office as South Tongu Member of Parliament on January 7, 2009.

Mr. Woyome added that, through the able and visionary leadership of the NDC, they have extended potable drinking water to over 80 communities before exiting power in 2016. “Pipeborn water has been extended to the entire community of Agave. After four years of NPP in power, they couldn’t do anything by extending potable drinking water to any other community in South Tongu” He told.

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The MP also outlined numerous achievements of the flagbearer Mr. John Dramani Mahama at the education sector when he was a Vice President to the late Prof. Evan Atta Mills and eventually became the president of the Republic of Ghana. The efforts, according to him have contributed positively in education within the Constituency by eliminating a lot of challenges including schools under tree, building of new schools, rehabilitation of old school structures, distribution of free school uniforms and reducing teacher and students radio to textbook among many.

Mr. Woyome who is seeking for his fourth term into Parliament in the upcoming December 2020 polls said, after a thorough investigation into challenges at the time coupled with promises of the president of the republic, they have done a lot by solving major challenges confronting the Constituents.

Fortunately, the the leader and flagbearer of the NDC Mr. John Dramani Mahama has initiated several projects that are incomparable so far as the NPP’s work in the Constituency is concerned. According to him, the NPP’s achievements in the South Tongu Constituency is no where near that of the NDC. “The NDC has done extremely well in terms of education, health, sanitation, e-commerce, agriculture, roads, and even in security.” He told Constituents and party leadership during the campaign launch.

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Mr. Korbla Mensah Woyome also said, Mr. John Dramani Mahama has began the implementation of agribusiness in South Tongu before he left office. Supporting his point, he revealed that, under John Dramani Mahama’s regime, Brazil agribusinesses started rice farming in South Tongu. “The flagbearer of the NDC, from the time he was vice President and eventually became president, took the Brazil agribusiness in South Tongu as his baby.” He narrated.

He noted that, John Mahama administration also gave a face lift to the State of the Art Rice, the first of its kind in the sub-region and at that time, which was built at Kpenu in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region. “John Dramani Mahama makes sure, electricity transformers were sent there and commissioned.” Mr. Woyome revealed.

He therefore quizzes the New Patriotic Party government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo saying,  they have no answers for agriculture in the South Tongu District.

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Speaking on Sanitation, the Minority Ranking Member of Youth and Sport indicated that, NPP performs abysmally in the sector. “They are doing nothing at the field of sanitation within the South Tongu District.”


“In other to tap the potential of the South Tongu District, the NDC commenced roads construction within the district before exiting office to create the needed jobs for the youth.” Debunking claims of members of the New Patriotic Party among some constituents, Mr. Woyome said, the Agave road was awarded for construction before NDC left power. “Today, the Agave road has become an issue within South Tongu. It’s never true that, the NDC has failed to construct the road. it’s rather unfortunate that, some indigence who didn’t know much about the Agave road are blaming the NDC for it.”

Narrating the history behind the Agave road, he said, “at the time government started the 13 community water project, we heard that the NPP told the people of Agave that, it’s not possible to extend water from Koji to the Agave community because of the distance but the NDC was able to do it. And based on that story, the first sitting president drove to the area to access situation for himself and later promised to construct the road, which he began before leaving office”

Cutting sod to continue water treatment system in election year is a political ploy – South Tongu MP

He further said, John Dramani Mahama NDC government awarded the Agave roads, contractors were deployed and construction works began before the NDC was voted out of power in the December 2016 polls. He also promised to reassign the contractor to value the Gonu roads into the Agave road construction and such was appropriately done.

“Hon. Fuseni, the then road Minister work on that. We wouldn’t have been discussing road construction if NDC was retain in power during the 2016 Elections. We would have been discussing other things, maybe how the to get an airport for the district” Korbla Mensah Woyome cracked jokes in a laughable manner.

He expressed disappointment in the NPP government towards some abandoned NDC projects within the District. He told the people that, the struggle students went through by crossing river to attend school at Dabala Senior High Technical School made it necessary to build a second cycle institution in the Agave community for students. According to him, John Dramani Mahama promised the people a community day school and has delivered but unfortunately, the NPP abandoned the project.

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On health, the MP briefed the gathering on the NDC’s intervention within the District saying, “NDC provided Reverse Osmosis Machine to the Sogakope District Hospital to address water crisis. Today, the Sogakope District hospital is treating its own underground water for use. That is sometimes we must applaud the NDC government for.”

The Member of Parliament therefore used the opportunity and appeal to the people to vote for NDC in the December 2020 polls for more developmental projects within the District.

He reiterated the NDC flagbearer’s pledge to complete all abandoned projects within the district when elected into office come December 7.

Also, he promised the people that, the NDC will complete all major roads within the District including; Cisneros road through to Gbornorkope,  Kpotame road through Agorgbe to Koji, Tordzinu, Dorkploame, Bekpo to Sukladzi roads. “These were major roads approved by NDC government for construction before exiting office. Unfortunately, the project has been abandoned by NPP. There are doing nothing about it.” He explained.

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“Tordzinu, Dorkploame, Bekpo to Sukladzi roads will be constructed by John Dramani Mahama’s NDC because, those communities Serve as food stock of South Tongu. All major roads will be completed in South Tongu.” He assured the people.

He also criticized the NPP government saying, they have lied to complete all roads in South Tongu but today, no single machine has been deployed for work to begin.

“There are more evidence to show that, the NPP has nothing to offer Volta Region especially South Tongu. NPP is am inept, non performing and propaganda government. You and l don’t matter to the NPP. Let’s not joke with the December polls. It must take a strategic planning, key involvement to ensure that, everyone vote against the NPP to deliver victory for NDC. We have just started. We have bigger battle to fight and win the December polls. No curve, no burn. Two direct, two sure.” He concluded.

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