Stanley Agbadey: Fictional Walk on Election 2020; A dark shadow for Ghana’s Democracy

A photo of Jubilee House

A photo of Jubilee House

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Agbadey Stanley Kwame, a retired educationists in Sogakope, South Tongu District of the Volta Region in his latest article, has outlined what he described as the Fictional Walk of the December 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Mr. Agbadey, a popular Ghanaian writer and educationist described the December Polls as a dark shadow in Ghana’s Democratic expectations.

Court messengers reportedly beaten by John-Peter Amewu’s thugs while going to deliver Court’s injunction letter

In the statement, said, in the evening of Saturday, December 26, 2020, the news has been captured by the major news cables that NDC is actually heading to the court. At Joy Newsfile, on the day, one member of the Legal Team, Deafemekpor, confirmed that if by Tuesday, Jean Mensa has not done anything about the petition presented by the leadership of the NDC, they will file a suit to support their petitions.

It is like the NDC is getting a bonus for 2021. They will snatch the majority in Parliament per their traditional Hohoe seat and crown it all with Techiman South. Sikado-Kettein, one of the seats of the Western Corridor Oil Capital will be flipped and revamp with the Western Gold Capital, Tarkwa Nusem one too.

Gabby hooks up to to the Facebook wall of One Agbadeyism who is labeled as the King Kong of Social Media. He is not happy how the guy is sitting in Sogakofe yet running commentary on every discussion they are having in the Double Tree Hotel there in London. A check on the guy reveals to him that he is creative. A kind of psychoanalyst who digs into the subconscious mind of individuals to fish out what is buried in there.

NPP holds Thanksgiving Service on Sunday after 2020 election victory

The sad issue is that, he has been able to pry into the issue with Addison when they indicated that Offori Atta should swell his wallet. He has behaved as if he has some kind of divinity. The guy, he is told, does not necessarily have any admirable degree yet can have an in-depth knowledge about what transpires in your closet.

Gabby, fears, he doesn’t become the second Kelvin Taylor. He gets consolation that this guy is a little bit decent. He is not a kind of guy who will pour a chamber pot on you early in the morning when it’s content is up to the brim and well fermented.

C.I 127 for December 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections

Now, Gabby has to follow the guy on Facebook to see how he is trading the issues of the president to the open.

Surprising, the guy has not yet talked about the meeting of the president the last time with the Supreme Court Judges. Unfortunately, he is also feeding on the misinformation Kelvin has planted in the public square. He would say that the judges would be given a good treat if they should rule in favour of the president.

Dec. 2020 Polls: NDC announces official date to file Petition at Supreme Court

Unfortunately for Kelvin and this guy, the situation is now going beyond money, Gabby retorted as if the guys are just around him. They have not gotten the jest of what the wizard guy of a lawyer called Kodjo Tsikata is going to do. You can actually read meaning to this, based on the signal the leadership of the party put out to Jean Mensah. They have also forgotten that with the outcome of the auditing, the issue is getting out of discretional adjudication.

The world’s radar will be on the learned judges of the Supreme Court. They cannot afford to trade off their elementary arithmetic to the detriment of their reputation to rule in favour of the President. Even if they faulted, IT specialists couple with Statisticians will be on parade to do the excel tabulations which is a matter of inputing the formulae and the results are popped up in a way to shelve their challenges.

Ablakwa dispatches free wheelchairs to physically challenged as Christmas project in his constituency

Now, it dawns on Gabby that the situation is becoming precarious. The attempt to court the empathy of Boris Johnson too has failed. The US government is becoming indifferent. Germany too is putting pressure on France not to be swayed by the Ghanaian President’s sweet French accent.

Now, it is becoming abundantly clear, that with the issue of pink sheets, the learned judges will go with the primary data, and for that matter, the tabulation should automatically produce corresponding figures with Joe Anokye and EC, pink sheets which was ignored in the declaration of the presidential results and some of the parliamentary seats too. It is like they are now in rough waters which are never showing any sign to calm down.



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