Court messengers reportedly beaten by John-Peter Amewu’s thugs while going to deliver Court’s injunction letter

John-Peter Amewu

John-Peter Amewu

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Two men who’re workers of the High Court in Hohoe assigned by the Ho Court to deliver an injunction letter to Energy Miniater and the Member of Parliament elect for Hohoe Constituency John-Peter Amewu have been grabbed by Amewu’s thugs, taken to an obscure location along the Fodome road and subjected to severe beatings.

According to one of the victims, they’ve been looking for Amewu for some number of days now following the Court injunction secured by the NDC over EC’s decision to exclude some parts of the Hohoe constituency from voting in the just ended parliamentary election.

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In a Facebook post made one EL Citizen Vigilante, his sources indicates that Amewu has, following the Court ruling, been deliberately moving from one place to another ostensibly to avoid being served by the court.

The messengers finally discovered his location today, and in their attempt to deliver the letter to him, his boys pounced on them, whisk them away to a bush on the Fodome road and taught them a bitter lesson. Their belongings such as mobile phones, money among others were all taken from them.

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“As we speak, only one of the messengers has been able to find his way back home. The second messenger is missing. He’s whereabout is not known. All attempts to find him proved futile.”.He said.

“This happened today Saturday 26/12/2020. I have an audio of the man narrating how he was assaulted and threatened. According to him, At some point, he felt they were going to kill him.” He disclosed.

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“This  is what Amewu has turned Hohoe into. The painful part is; the traditional rulers, opinion leaders, media and the police administration in Hohoe are all in Amewu’s pocket. 4more to do more. Good night.” He Said.




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