The current state of Mafi-Kumase Health Centre and the way forward

Mafi-Kumase Health Centre
Mafi-Kumase Health Centre

Mafi-Kumase is a town in the Central Tongu District of Volta Region. The next bigger town after Mafi-Adidome, the district capital.

The town has one government Senior High School called “Mafi-Kumase Senior High Technical School”.

The people of Mafi-Kumase are mostly farmers and they are well noted for their commercial production of Gari in the whole of Ghana and beyond.

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One of the largest and most attended markets in the Volta Region is Mafi-Kumase Market. The market operates every Monday.

This market can be compared to Makola Market in Accra in terms of its activities. Mafi-Kumase is blessed with a Health Centre for some decades now.

This Health Centre have been serving the people of Mafi-Kumase and its environs since its inception. Now, it is all clear that the Mafi-Kumase Health Centre needs some kind of attention from the Ministry of Health, other key players in government, the Non-governmental Organizations and benevolent individuals.

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Due to the increasing growth of population in Mafi-Kumase and its environs, it has been in the public domain for some time now that the Member of Parliament of Central Tongu District in the person of Alexander Roosevelt Gabby Hottordze has proposed for Mafi-Kumase Health Centre to be upgraded into a Polyclinic.

The Minister for health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu said “I would have no option to approve when Parliament gives the green light and I would let a team visit Mafi-Kumase Health Centre”.

The problem with Mafi-Kumase Health Centre currently is that a lot of people from these communities especially Mafi-Kumase are no longer patronizing the facility as it used to be some time ago.

The reason is that any time they visited the facility, they are made to buy most of their prescriptions outside the facility. Per a survey conducted by some of the indigenes of Mafi-Kumase who often do visit the Mafi-Kumase Health Centre is that at times they are made to even buy “common paracetamol”. This alone should tell us that Mafi-Kumase Health Centre needs a lot of attention from the Ministry of Health.

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The new trend is that people from Mafi-Kumase now do visit the Health Centre at Ahunda in Adaklu District. When you asked them why, they will tell you that, that places is far better than Mafi-Kumase Health Centre in terms of their services.

“The question is do we know the danger we are exposing these innocent citizens of Mafi-Kumase to simply because of how unequipped our Health Centre is?”

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In a nutshell, Mafi-Kumase Health Centre has no medicine and inadequate staff. The good people of Mafi-Kumase and its environs are calling on the Ministry of Health and other key stakeholders to come to the aid of Mafi-Kumase Health Centre now in order to put this situation under control.Concerned Citizens of Mafi-Kumase.



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