Umaru Sanda discloses Police Officers who unprofessionally harassed and assaulted him

Richard Deh
Richard Deh

Some Officers from the Ghana Police Service’s SWAT Team has reportedly harassed and assaulted a Journalist with Citi TV/FM Umaru Sanda Amadu.

According to Umaru Sanda Amadu, four (4) armed police men driving in their SWAT branded car stopped him under the overhead some 20 meters away to search him for supposed “wee and gun”

Richard Deh, who seemed like their leader, did not only verbally abuse the Journalist but physically assaulted him on the hands and eventually ceased his phone at a point in time. He described the officers as National SWAT Team in a patrol vehicle with registration number GP4536.


Umaru Sanda narrates how a SWAT Police Officer Assaulted him

The supposed Uniformed and armed Police Officers conducted a random search in Umarus Sanda’s car, and even forced him to remove his shoes for further search for possible concealment of drugs and weapons.

Though the other three Police officers name have not been mentioned, it of strong believe that, they were coming from the Ghana Police service with their leader Richard Deh.

The action of the Police have been described by many as unprofessional and condemnable. Meanwhile others believe that, these are criminals clothed in our security uniform who wanted to plant “weed” or “gun” in Umarus Sanda’s car and implicate him for wrong doing.

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Some reacted saying, some of the guys in the security services need to be stripped off their uniforms because, what Umaru Sanda Amadu went through is just a tip of the iceberg of what the poor and voiceless commercial (and some private) drivers suffer on daily.


Read below Umarus Sanda Amadu’s full statement.

When the 4 armed police men driving in their SWAT branded car stopped me, Richard Deh, who seemed like their leader, did not only verbally abuse me. He also physically assaulted me.

He hit my hand and the phone I was using to record fell. He seized the phone and threw it in his car. I felt powerless at that moment but insisted that there would be no search without my camera.

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I told him he could detain me but won’t search my car in “darkness”. At another point, he made a dash for me but his men shielded me. He was so angry, I dreaded what he would do next. If his men didn’t restrain him, the story would have been worse. There were onlookers, including a stationary Police Visibility pick up with officers under the overhead some 20 meters away. But no one intervened. Thank God for daylight.

One thing I’ve learnt, is that, no matter how a police man like Richard Deh provokes you, please keep your calm. He wanted a chance to hit/shoot me. I didn’t give him so he ended up driving away with a bruised ego.

Watch the full video below.



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