Umaru Sanda narrates how a SWAT Police Officer Assaulted him

A journalist with Citi Tv / FM Umaru Sanda has been trending on social media after he revealed how a Police officer harrased and physically assaulted him.

Explaining what actually happened, Umaru Sanda indicated that he was stopped by four (4) Police officers in a SWAT branded car stopped him and asked to conduct a search in his vehicle.

According to the Journalist, he asked that he records as the Police Officers search his car in ‘darkness’ which they also declined. Umaru Sanda then said he asked the police officers to detain him because he was not going to allow them search his car without a camera.


Umaru further added that, one of the officers with the name Richard Deh

assaulted him in the process and that one thing he realized from his encounter n with   m the said police officer is that “he wanted a chance to hit/shoot me.”

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Umaru Sanda

Umaru Amadu Sanda in his narration also added that, there were many onlookers when the Police Officers assaulted him including a police visibility pick up with officers under the overhead some 20 meters away but no one intervened.

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  1. So this is Ghana under Akufo Addo gorvenment right? Well they can use the power given them the way they want but time will tell. Posterity will judge everyone and everything that is going on.

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