Unprofessional and Prohibited acts in Ghana Education Service 

Teacher teaching in a classroom
Teacher teaching in a classroom

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has occasionally make available professional ethics and code of conduct in the Service to its staff across the country as a way of keeping them updated on their professionalism.

According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), some of their staff still engage in some unprofessional and prohibited acts while carrying out their professional duties in the school environment.

As a measure of curtailing the rising rate of practicing such unprofessional acts in schools, the Ghana Education Service has reiterated a few of those acts to caution its staff against them.


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Some of the unprofessional acts outlined by GES are as follows;

1. Making and receiving phone calls during instructional hours.

2. Giving punishment that deprives learners from taking part in lessons.

3. Boycotting lesson due to a student’s misbehavior.


4. Allowing students to mark attendance register.

5. Giving textbook to students to copy on the board for their colleagues.

6. Reading contents verbatim from textbook to pupils.

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7. Sending pupils to work for you during instructional hours.

8. Giving items to your pupils to sell in the school for you.

9. Taking in alcohol or any hard drugs before coming to school.

10. Engaging in unhealthy relationship with your students.

11. Working lotto or betting during instructional hours.

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12. Discriminating against a student due to personal reasons. Be it misbehavior, tribal, religious or political affiliation.

13. Quarrelling /Fighting with students or colleagues. It doesn’t show maturity.

14. Unnecessary borrowing from students and colleagues.

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  1. Go to papaya basic school at abura asebu kwamankese district,that is what the teachers do , they don’t follow non of the rules they are at fault to all the rule they don’t follow non of the rules

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