Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia files to contest GNAT Volta Rep. to National Executive

The South Tongu Vice Chairperson of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia has filed to contest for the Volta Regional Representative to National Executive.

In a declaration of intent statement, the young, vocal, selfless and proactive teacher has officially announced to teachers within the Volta Region especially delegates to 2021 conference on her readiness to serve teachers at all levels, in contributing to issues that concern the teaching fraternity and finding possible solutions to them.

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The young and vibrant Ghanaian teacher Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia, who is set to be elected as the Volta Regional Representative to National Executive in the 2021 Volta Regional GNAT election h as served in many leadership positions including a Local Secretary, a pioneer Youth Coordinator and Vice Chairperson (South Tongu).


Vasty’s hard work, humility and dedication to duty made her to be reelected as the South Tongu Vice Chairperson for the second term on popular acclamation at the just ended District Delegates Conference in Sogakope.

Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia
Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia

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She has gathered valuable experience that has made her to greatly appreciate the plight of the local/grassroot at the teachers front.

In that same spirit and zeal, she intend to be the voice to champion the course of the Volta Region and grassroot at large.

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Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia is therefore seeking for your collective support and endorsement to represent you as the VOLTA REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE TO NATIONAL EXECUTIVE.

Vasty Nunana Egbetorhia is number #4 on the ballot paper.



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