VIDEO: 3 Communities in Kpotame Electoral Area disappointed in South Tongu DCE; Says they lost hope in him

District Chief Executive (DCE) for the South Tongu, Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama

District Chief Executive (DCE) for the South Tongu, Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama

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Three (3) Communities in the Kpotame Electoral Area thus; Tefle-Agbokope, Tefle-Kasangblekpo and Bakpa-Forkpo have expressed disappointment towards the South Tongu District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama and the entire District Assembly for failing them.

The spokeperson for the three Communities Hunor Bessah Bosu – Family Head of Adzrago-Bosu family and Elder at Tefle-Agbokope in an interview with said, the District Assembly through the DCE failed to honour their request at the time they needed urgent assistant from the Assembly.

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Hunor Bessah Bosu disclosed that, the community sent a delegation including the Assemblyman for Kpotame Electoral Area Papa Nelson Ametorwodufia Gamor and the Unit Committee Secretary Elder Morkpli James to the DCE seeking for his support  with canoes in order to transport their farm produce to the market but he has failed them.

Narrating the issue to Coverghana Chief Editor, he revealed that, upon meeting the DCE, he said there is no money to support them for the request made. Adding that, they will not be able to get a canoe for the community. “The failure of the DCE to support us with canoe forced us to immediately fall on the MP for South Tongu Constituency Hon. Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome to take us from our suffering” He said.

The residents of the communities disclosed that, there is a river that divides their farming lands from their homes and denied them direct access to their farms to carry out their daily activities.

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He noted that, the canoe is the only means of transport for the community members to convey foodstuffs from their farms to the market. But it came as a suprise to them, when the DCE rejected their request. But After appealing to the MP, he promised to give them two canoes which he has delivered. “Fortunately, the MP gave us three canoes to support our activities”

He again said, before the donation of the canoe from the MP, the community largely depends on his canoe for its activities.

“The response of the DCE towards our request made us lost hope. If we were to die, it would have been as a result of hunger due to the inability of the District Assembly to support us. He could not even try to get us just one canoe but has entirely turned down our request. He has not even come to us or send a delegation to us to ascertain what has been reported to him. The DCE has abandoned us to the mercies of God. Had it not be the MP, Hon. Wisdom Kobena Mensah Woyome who came to support us, we would not know what might have happened to us.” Hunor Bessah Bosu explained.

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He further said, the community folks have lost hope in the South Tongu District Chief Executive Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama and felt disappointed in him and the Assembly in totality.

Hunor Bessah Bosu again clarified that, the communities jointly made the request to the DCE before official electioneering activities before the December 2020 Polls commenced.

“It is a seasonal water, it comes due to the raining season. It can be there for even seven years or more.” He explained the situation of the water.

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This development came after the Member of Parliament for the South Tongu Constituency Honourable Wisdom Kobene Mensah Woyome has stormed the community and donated two newly constructed/molded canoes to support their activities.

The donation, according to the Assembly Member will help some key communities in their movement. The communities that will benefit from the use of the canoes include; Tefle Agbokope, Tefle Kasangblekpo, Forkpo, Akpatsukope, Mafi Amidoekor and Tefle Dzitsekope. The canoes will be used to transport the community members and their farms produce to the market among many.

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