VIDEO: NUTSA pays Royal visit to Chiefs and People of Sogakope; Outlines aims and objectives of the Union

NUTSA President Mr. Wisdom Sogah and his executives
NUTSA President Mr. Wisdom Sogah and his executives

Leadership of the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) has paid a Royal visit to the Chiefs and People of Sogakope in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The NUTSA National President, Mr. Wisdom Sogah together with his executive officers, as part of the Union’s administrative engagement with key stakeholders met with Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll, the Divisional Chief of Sogakope, Queen Mothers, sub-chiefs and elders.

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Mr. Sogah Wisdom, speaking at a ceremony organized by the Divisional Chief of Sogakope to officially outdoor the 2020 National Peotry Award winner Togbe Olokodzoko and the National President of the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) said, “as our land lord it is important we pay homage to you, seek your blessings and support as we embark on this journey.”

He explained that, the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA), as a union has over the years sought credence in achieving its constitutional dictates and core mandates, among which includes its annual educational activities such as debates, quiz competitions, voluntary teaching seminars and health programmes.

Although, these activities are annual events, the Union makes sure they are meeting the desires and aspirations of the children and conforms to the academic standards and needs to achieve quality education.

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Mr. Wisdom, while chalking some success stories of the Union said, NUTSA over the years has organized educational programmes such as quizes, debate competitions, educational talks among many which continue to receive positive feedback as students over the years gave credible testimonies of how the NUTSA educational programmes helped in shaping their academic path.

“Aside the fact that the programs
create a sense of competition and make students think on their feet, it also afforded some of them the exposure to new environments. On numerus occasions, we took some of them to parliament to observe proceedings, meet the three TONGU members of parliament and the opportunity for some of them to represent at GTV morning shows where they expressed their thoughts and experiences concerning issues affecting education in the rural areas.”

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“Togbewo, Mamawo, I believe you can all imagine the feeling of our little ones seeing themselves on such a big platforms and you will agree with me that the work of NUTSA cannot be underestimated.”

He added that, as a Union with the thirst to promote academic excellence in Tongu, the Union donates teaching and learning materials to schools and pupils during our Quiz and debate competitions. A good example is the donations made during our most recent programmes, during
the immediate academic year preceding the emergence of Covid-19.

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Mr. Wisdom Sogah said, NUTSA, in its 2018 and 2019 educational programmes has donated teaching and learning materials to students and schools including;

1. Textbook and dictionary: The Union distributed a total of 87 quality and expensive textbooks and dictionaries to all students and schools that participated in our programmes. One book cost us between GH¢40 to GH¢68.

2. Citation: The Union distributed 24 citations to stakeholders in Tongu and management of SHSs and Junior High Schools in Tongu who participated actively in the Union’s activities.

3. Certificates: The Union distributed over 144 Certificates to outstanding students, schools, district directors of education and circuit supervisor in Tongu.

4. Calculators: The union awarded 12 students at the grand finale with scientific Calculators each and textbooks for their excellent performance.

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He said, the Union also donated other key stationeries to students during the programme. The basic school education programme was climaxed at GTV morning show on 15th July, 2019.

Platform was given to some students, some teachers and some executive officers to discuss pertinent issues affecting education in the remote areas of Ghana

NUTSA health and peace walks which we mostly organize during election years, as we use the platform to send clear message to our politicians on the need to prioritize the peace and safety of
Tongu and Ghana at large, remain a well patronized event by the youth and some of the prominent individuals of the Tongu Community.

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The apolitical status of the Union remains cardinal and principal to our progress hence one of the consciously guarded principles.

However, as a Union seeking to promote quality education in this territory, your will have to work with people in the political space due to their active roles in
formulation and implementation of educational policies. We therefore, organize debates for parliamentary candidates within the Tongu Constituencies as mostly done by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) where we engage them on their plans for the the constituencies especially in the area of education.

These and many others we have been doing over the years in our widow’s might as young men and women to help develop our dear Tongu Land.

“Torgbewo and Mamawo, your words have it that, honour be given to whom it is due. As we stand before you the custodians today, I wish to state that most of our programmes would have yielded no result but the unflinching support from the Directors of Education in the three Tongu Districts, Hon. Kwabla Woyome, –MP for South Tongu, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa-MP for North Tongu, Hon. Louis Agama-DCE for South Tongu, Hon. Collins Richard Arku-DCE for North Tongu, Surv. Maxwell Kwame Lukutor, Mr. Kofi Abotsi-Chief executive officer of Dela Radio and the staffs of Dela Radio and all other Radio stations in Tongu, the Chief Patron
of the Union, Headmasters and headmistress of all Basic and Senior High Schools in Tongu made it possible. We are grateful and may God richly bless you all.” He explained.


In outlining some challenges confronting the Union, the president said, it is obvious we are doing well in the fight to make Tongu a better place for all but numerous are the issues making life unbearable since NUTSA is not a profit making organization. We therefore have financial challenges. The albatross of child labour is still around the neck of Tongu. As we speak today, we still have children of school going-age who are still on the river fishing as adegborvio, teenage pregnancy is taking toll on us, school dropout is the order of the day and Okada is engulfing our young men whiles killing most of them.

This is the situation despite all the beautiful legislations we have in the country. Lack of infrastructure in our schools, diminishing interest among parents in educational issues.

Currently, NUTSA has no office though shares address with ADISEC. As it stands, the union has no office structure where you can walk-in to engage anybody on any issue. These and many more are the issues confronting us as a people. The nature of the problem is such that we have to take measures locally as stakeholders at the community level to curtail the situations.

“Torgbewo, Mamawo, this is where we need you the Overlords to lead the conversation. We believe in your authorities and we know that when
you speak you voice will bring change. The situation of NUTSA being managed from home is not only funny but also discredits the union and it is not able to attract any serious group of potential partners to work with us despite the good works we are doing. What makes the situation worse is that, we initiated the process to get the union registered at the national registry but the process halted due to this problem. We cannot use any executive’s house as office address at the registry since their term office is time bound. The idea to rent Office apartment is also not sustainable with the reason that the Union is non-profit organization and cannot afford the bills.”

“We the descendant of all the Stools in Tongu have gathered before you today to first say thank you to our ancestors for having vision. It is for our comfort today that they fought so many battles with their blood and lives and secured the land and water resources.” He said.

“Togbewo, it is now your work to make sure this resources are put into good use. Today, a new battle line has been drawn but guns or magical powers are not needed. The sides with enough pen wins the battle. All you need to do is to help we the young ones with your resources to enable us get enough pen in place of gun and arrows.”

“We the descants of Tongu whose interest you have been working hard to protect, have gathered before this great Fievie Traditional Council, appealing for a piece of land to enable us put up our own office complex with library, Hall for NUTSA activities and recreational facilities that will make the environment student friendly.”

“We appreciate the difficult times you may going through as our leaders but we are convinced that education of the Tongu child remains your topmost priority and our request today provides a better opportunity for us to collectively
confront the issues affecting education negatively.”

“We once again wish to state that, in order to sustain and continue these projects, we need your fullest support as you are currently doing in the Traditional Area. We cannot afford to fail our people in times like this when our neighbor are moving with speed. Tongu is lagging far behind on these issues and It is now time to adopt the three (3) Cs: consultative engagement, cooperation and collaboration in our routine activities to address the needs of our people.”

“I wish to let us keep ourselves motivated by dreaming about only positive outcomes and shed off negative tendencies which may bring shame and dishonor to our name, offices, Tongu, the region and the nation at large. May the ancestor continue to guide and protect us from all evils and grant us good health and long life.”

Speaking on the aims and objectives of the Union, Mr. Wisdom Sogah said, NUTSA exists to;

1. foster unity among Tongu students, Alumni and Associates all over the Pre – tertiary and Tertiary Institution within Tongu, Ghana and elsewhere in the world.

2. support and promote the development of Tongu.

3. promote the welfare of all the educational and health institutions in Tongu.

4. improve students’ academic performances and talents in Tongu and beyond through organization of annual educational programmes in educational institutions.

5. serve as a forum for the discussion of all problems affecting schools, health sectors, and any other recognized sectors in Tongu and to recommend possible solutions.

6. organize educational seminars for teachers/facilitator and students/learners in Tongu and beyond.

7. donate teaching and learning resources to schools’ libraries and health equipment to health facilities in Tongu.




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