NUTSA National President supports students of DASTECH Basic

NUTSA National President Mr. Wisdom Sogah and students of DASTECH Basic School

NUTSA National President Mr. Wisdom Sogah and students of DASTECH Basic School

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The newly elected National President of National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) Mr. Wisdom Sogah has extended support to some students of DASTECH Basic School (formerly called, Dabala D/A Basic School) in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The National President who was invited to grace the school’s debate competition used the opportunity to honour some students who participated in the competition.

Mr. Sogah presented a customized certificate to each participating student for their outstanding performances during the contest. He also promised a full scholarship scheme for any female student who will get a single aggregate in the 2021 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) to persue her academic education through second cycle institutions to tertiary level. The President disclosed that, he has a link with undisclosed NGO willing to support brilliant female students.

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On Friday, 14th May, 2021, the management and staff of DASTECH Basic School under the able headship of Mr. Richard Ahiati organized an internal debate competition for students as part of the school’s educational programmes to improve on students academic performances.

The debate was organized on the motion/topic: “Caning should be reintroduced into our educational system; Speak for or Against the motion”

According to the management of the school, they have lunched educational programmes such as quiz competition, debate competition, spelling B competition, eassy writing competition from Primary to Junior High School. The programmes, according to the school will boost the academic works of students/pupils/learners and teachers.

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Addressing the gathering, the NUTSA National President commended the staff and the organizers of the debate competition in selecting a sensitive topic for discussion since it is now a national issue to be deliberated upon. He noted that the motion is a sensitive topic that demands a collective contribution towards education in our locality.

“The journey of education is a tough one but once you persevere and endure the challenges and the obstacles on your path, success awaits you at the end of the
storm. I wish to encourage all of you that your teachers teaching you should be your role model. Learn from them and aspire to be like the prominent people in our society
such as Teachers, Doctors, Bank Managers, MPs, DCEs, Ministers and others.” Mr. Sogah said.

“Once you have made up your mind and pray to God for assistance, just focus on the target and conscientize your brain towards the target. Before you can achieve your target, it needs a total sacrifice. If you are to go to an unknown town, ask people who were coming from the town in question and the first people available to you now is your teachers.” He further explained.

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Speaking further, he said, “My dear students, in this modern world or twenty first century, education is the key to success. Technology has taken over all aspect of our lives and if you are playing with your education at this tender age, you are totally jeopardizing your future. In this modern world where education is making things easier and faster, Eg, even our monitory system is equally digitized how can you access or operate a digitized
system without education and all of us here in one way or the other is schooling because of money or to become someone prominent in the near future to support yourself, family, Tongu, Volta, Ghana and the World.”

Mr. Sogah added that, teenage pregnancy, smoking and disrespect to authority and others are a major menace causing harm and destruction to we the young once. He told the students that, at this premature age or tender age, they are to devote their time for academic works and at the end, all other things will be added to it for there is time for everything.

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According to the President, there is time to sow and there is time for harvest. “This is the time for you to sow. Convert all your adolescent age energy into learning. When you involve yourself in boyfriend and girlfriend relationships at this time, you will only suffer and cannot continue the education.” He told the students.

“Especially the ladies, when you become pregnant today, the guy who impregnate you will further his studies and become a lawyer, doctor, MP and others. Do you
think a lawyer will marry an illiterate or born one? Advise yourselves before you give yourselves out to the boys. Respect your teachers and parents because they are to nurture and prepare you to become a very important personality in the society.”

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“Do not hate your teachers for any reason, once you hate the teacher, when he/ she teaches in class, you will not understand. Persevere and endure every obstacle because surely there is light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you all the best in
your educational endeavor.” He concluded.

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