Voltarians crucify a Pastor for undermining their gods; Check how it ended in tears for him 

Apostle Famous Andi Sewodzi

Apostle Famous Andi Sewodzi

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Some Facebook users believed to be hailing from the Volta region of Ghana have descended heavily on a Pastor who undermined their powerful gods and the untold histories of some of the Volta gods.

In a comment intercepted by Coverghana Media Network, Apostle Famous Andi Sewodzi of the House of Liberty Chapel International in Tema Comm. 22 at Starlight School Park undermined the powers of a Volta gods by saying; “Can’t they use this powers to develop their region?  Because churches are developing the region, church are building schools and hospitals”

He made the comment under Coverghana.com.gh post with the caption “Adavatram: Ewe war drum decorated with enemy skulls; Check the untold history”

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The comment has angered some Facebook users who come from the region and have ‘crucified’ him with unconstitutional statements.

Some of them said, Apostle Famous Andi Sewodzi has “School to brainwash the people. They are busy extorting from the poor in the name of God. Please tell us the number of factories built by churches.”

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While others reacted saying “You’ve never read about Roman History. No one worship idols than the Romans. I can see you’re very weak in History and or culture. Romans are those who did all the evil things go and read bro.”

But, Apostle Famous Andi Sewodzi was very prepared to face anyone who may confront him on his comment. He took his time to respond to almost every respond on his comment.

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Responding to some of the critics, he said “do you know what the church has done for volta region? Roma catholic schools and many more, show me one infrastructures that your gods build for the region”

“My church has build a school and hospital for the city of aflao” ”  🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they are DEFENDING THEIR gods” He said.

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See below screenshot of comments and replies from the statement made by Apostle Famous Andi Sewodzi.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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  1. I don’t want to talk but hmmmm give what belongs to Reginald bro I feel so bad when you a leader of a church writing argumentative essay on this issue yes church’s build School’s hospitals but they are fees are the highest we believe in the most high but don’t say anything bad to anyone believe

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