Another Fool!sh Case?: The death of Mawutor Adzahli in Retrospect – Maxwell Lukutor speaks again

The late Mawutor Marcus Adzahli
The late Mawutor Marcus Adzahli

Surveyor Maxwell Kwame Lukutor, the convenor and leader of the people of Sogakope who led a campaign seeking for “Justice for the murdered Sogakope South Assemblyman, the late Mawutor Marcus Adzahli” has broken his long awaited silence on the aftermath of Mawutor’s murder and subsequent Police investigation into the gruesome incident.

The National  President of the Sogasco Old Students Association (SOSA) and a member of the prestigious School’s Board has expressed worry and disappointment on how the case has been handled so far.

According to the Human Rights Advocate and a Philanthropist, it appears the police Administration from the South Tongu District, DISEC through the Volta Regional Security Council to the IGP and the Attorney General’s department have failed the people of South Tongu in connection with investigation and subsequent prosecution on the case.


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Mr. Lukutor in a statement has called on the Volta Regional MPs caucus, Volta Regional Minister, among other individuals who shown key interested in the matter at the onset to use same energy to help seek justice for the late Mawutor Marcus Adzahli.

Surveyor Maxwell Lukutor has also outlined a tall list of questions to be answered by the IGP and Police Administration on the matter.

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Read below, the full statement issued by Maxwell Kwame Lukutor.

I once read a write up of a Westerner describing Africa as a shithole continent. Many Africans took strong exception, but few critically open minded ones turned to agree largely with him (Taflatse).

Is Ghana a shithole country within the continent of Africa? Tsitsiawo be Avu medzia vi le du toƒo o (to wit a dog does not deliver her puppies in public). It beats my imagination, why things cannot be done in a coordinated manner in this part of our world.

We have learnt all the theories there is to learn, but practice or best practice for that matter usually eludes us as a people. Is it because Akpletsu kasi menya trɔna oa? (is it not easy to change the size of one’s mould of banku)?

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The kind of Policing we experience in this country is “suspect” (in the Ghanaian  jagon).

The books we read and the movies we watch on CSIs from the West, compared to what we practice here, can lead you to one conclusion; we are in some hole (whether it’s a sh!t hole, I do not know).

Picking intelligence prior to the occurrence of crime is absolutely seemingly  non existence, whilst processes followed in order to arrest criminals after crime committals is worst than the former.

Crime scenes are treated as political campaign grounds and with the advent of smartphones, you see all the unprofessional photographers and rescuers worsening situations at crime scenes. Even the trained professionals seems to be no better. No doubt nothing worthy comes out of crime scene investigations to help nab the perpetrators of a crime.

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I enquire from a senior police officer if there is a fingerprint database to which comparison can be made with any fingerprints picked from a crime scene.  The simple and expected answer was in the negative.  The question then is, what at all have all the fingerprint information taken by almost all Agencies in this country, starting from NHIA through NIA, to the EC end up? In the “Borla” I guess. 😩

Exactly a year ago, our beloved friend, Businessman and Politician Mawutor was gruesomely murdered and robbed before his family and tenants.

The people of Sogacity (Sogakope ) are aware of the shithole language,  demonstrated for days bringing the whole city to a standstill. This compelled the IGP to send a high powered delegation led by the Director of CID together with the Police Regional boss  to the home of the battered Assembly Member.  This came on the heels of the visit by all who mattered in this country viz, the reappointed Volta RM, Former Prez. JM and all bigwigs of the NDC, the Volta Regional MPs caucus and even the late Papa J (May he RIP). 😩

We heard all the promises from anybody and everybody who could speak “blaire” or anglaise. A ransome was placed on the head of the criminals for persons who could volunteer meaningful information that would lead to the arrest of the murderers. It was like striking the iron when it was red hot.

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But as usual with my beloved Ghana, everyone would be heard speaking about the topic because it was all over the media but just after two weeks we heard nothing again from all of them. Asi ɖi gbee asi ɖina right?,Meaning

 you’ll only buy and sell during market days.

Even when we tried to check from the police the procedure and processes regarding the bounty, nothing could be outlined  from officialdom.


1. When should the ransome be paid by the individual or group making the pledge?

2. To whom is the money lodged?

3. Who determines who qualifies to take all or part of the cash?

4. When will the beneficiary receive the cash? As soon as he volunteers the information or after a successful conviction is obtained?

5. Does the beneficiaries include the police officer (s) who follow up on leads or who investigate the case?

6. Is the investigation an official assignment fully sponsored and paid for by the police service or left to the CID to find his way out or paid for out of the Bounty?

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I would be glad if the IGP can provide answers to the above leaked (Apor) WASSCE questions as a form of public education in line with the teachings of Police Accountability.

In the case of Mawutor, an ultimatum was part of the language spoken for the police to find the perpetrators of the crime within a week or more shithole language awaits them.

Not too long after that we were told of an arrest of 7 or  8  suspects with some admitting to the crime and  were brought to the scene of the crime to supposedly  restage the act.

A lot of scepticism greeted the spectacle but who were we mere mortals to doubt it when the arrestors say the criminals themselves confessed to committing the crime?

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They were hurriedly arraigned before the Dabala Magistrate court and admitted to prison custody in Ho.

Rumors followed about wrong arrests and lo and behold after some weeks another charade was staged with a new set of suspects being brought in to perform another re enactment of crime committal.

At this stage we all got confused and couldn’t get the head nor tail of the episode. It was unbelievable and a typical sh!thole experience so we decided to look on and see if the fire 🔥 that was lit by the youth would burn to the end.

But wait oh Mr IGP, any development on the missing gun from the armoury of the Sogakope Police which was supposedly found at Sapeiman near Amasaman? Any sanctions to the police officers whose negligence led to the missing gun?

And is it really true that the pellets found during autopsy was BB cartridge and not any sophisticated gun as alluded to by our DCE and head of DISEC or it is a pump action gun and locally manufactured pistols?

It is said “Nyateƒea nya ɖeka koe” that is truth has no relatives. It’s a lie that has several family members

We heard of a deligent job done by the CID in charge of the case moving from Ho via Sogakope through a village near Sege to Kokrobite and to Ningo Prampram in order to arrest Christian, Kofi, Richard, Obed and Emmanuel. After painstaking investigation got all to admitting to the commital of the crime. Kudos to this young officer who I believe needs recognition by the police service and to be given the ransome to appreciate those who helped in nabbing the criminals as a way of motivation to get more people committed to fighting crime. Ayekoo officer Sir.

But as usual in this country whether as expected or by the criss crossing of the world pandemic (Covid-19) dousing the fire, nothing significant has happened so far since the docket was sent to the Attorney General’s Department.

The process is still in limbo awaiting a report from the AG’s department for prosecution or otherwise (making it a foolish case).

Haruna Iddrisu (Hon.) please ask AG designate Godfred Dame whether he is aware of the status of this case. 🙊

Mr IGP and CID Director, have you empowered the CID enough to carry on and bring closure to the matter or as usual they are suffering from the inadequacies of the system to close investigations and obtain favourable prosecution and conviction?

Has the Volta Regional MPs caucus and all others who made promises of bounties towards the arrest of these miscreants made good their promise or its one of those normal rhetorics?

For once let’s all do the right thing and let our God above shower a smile and praise on us as Ghanaians.
Evaglo alegbegbe!!!


Maxwell Lukutor
Opinion Leader
South Tongu – Sogakope.



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