GES announces new opening and closing time for Public Basic Schools

Ghanaian students
Ghanaian students

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has announced an entirely new opening and closing time for Public Basic Schools in Ghana.

The new schedule which is contained in the Common Core Programme Curriculum for Basic Schools was made known to teachers during the 3-day Cluster Based Training for Junior High School (JHS) teachers from Wednesday, 12th January, 2022 to Friday, 14th January, 2022 at designated centres within each GES Metro/Municipal/District Directorate.

Ghana Education Service (GES) Council Members

Will all schools have the same opening/starting and closing time?

According to the information, schools may not have one specific opening and closing time but the opening and closing time of schools shall be determined by every school management in collaboration with their District/Municipal/Metropolitan Directorates of GES.

This implies that, school A may start/open school at 7:00am and closes at 3:30pm while school B may open school at 8:00am and closes at 4:30pm.

What is opening/starting and closing time for Basic Schools?

The opening/starting time for schools, according to the Ghana Education Service is the time a lesson begin while the closing time is when a lesson end on the school level timetable.

[Full Documents]: Resource Packs for JHS CCP Curriculum; Download here

For instance, if the first lesson i.e Mathematics on the timetable begins at 7:30am, then the 7:30am becomes the opening/starting time for the school. And if the last lesson i.e English Language on the timetable ends at 4:00pm, then the 4:00pm becomes the closing time for the school.

Find attached the proposed opening/starting and closing time for schools. 

7: 00 AM 3: 30 PM
7: 30 AM 4: 00 PM
8: 00 AM 4:30 PM


NOTE: According the schedules, these do not include pre-instructional time activities such as cleaning, morning assembly, roll call etc.

The three Stages/Phases of CCP Curriculum Lesson Plan

What level is the new opening/starting and closing time designed for?

The new opening/starting and closing time is designed for Basic 7 to Basic 9 (JHS 1 – SHS 3).

Who is the new CCP curriculum designed for?

The Common Core Programme (CCP) Curriculum is carefully designed for learners in Basic 7 to Basic 10 as part of a holistic learning experience that prepares them for post-secondary education, the world of work or both.

The curriculum focuses on building character and nurturing values, in addition to ensuring a seamless progression for all learners from JHS to SHS and creates clear pathways for academic and career-related programmes from Basic 10 to Basic 12 (SHS1 – SHS3).

Download all the New Curriculum for JHS Common Core Programme

4Rs of the Common Core Programme (CCP) Curriculum

The CCP focuses on the acquisition of the 4Rs (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic and cReativity) and core competencies to afford learners the ability to apply knowledge innovatively to solve everyday problems. Personal projects, community projects and community service have been integrated into the CCP as part of a comprehensive assessment programme, including assessment of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that mainly emphasise what learners can do.

What will the CCP Curriculum promote?

It is hoped that the content of this curriculum will promote better high
school education that meets the varied learning needs of the young people in the country and addresses the shortfalls in the current school curriculum in relation to learning and assessment.



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