Koku Yayra makes shocking revelations about NIA and IMS contract; Challenges NIA management

Mr. Yayra Koku
Mr. Yayra Koku

 A former IT expert at the National Identification Authority (NIA) Mr. Koku Yayra has made some shocking revelations about the NIA and IMS agreement to commercialize the institution and issuance of Ghana Card to every qualified Ghanaian.

According to the IT expert, the existing arrangement between NIA & IMS is very viable hence NIA should therefore continue with the PPP arrangement with IMS from the previous government.

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In a statement, he disclosed that, the Chief of Staff Frema Opare in April 2017 wrote a letter to NIA which sought to make a parallel decision against the agreement.

Mr. Koku said, he keeps hearing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) members saying on Facebook that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) never issued a single card during the party’s 8 years administration. He argued that, the statement can only come from a sick person.

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Highlighting on the issue, he said, it is important to state that the only thing Professor Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah, the current CEO of NIA has contributed to NIA is recruiting incompetent NPP footsoldiers as IT people who can’t handle the systems. He shockingly added that, currently, the private partner IMS still control the NIA system, including the database and even allow their foreign partners to connect to the entire Ghana identification system from Germany and other countries in the event of a system failure.

The Social Media Commander and a staunt member of NDC indicated that, this was never the arrangement they (NDC govermment) had with IMS. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the current system in NIA was done in 2016, and they had serious issues with the partners, which they were trying to resolve before NPP came to power in 2017.

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“Ask yourself why the card issued to Akufo-Addo when they launched the NIA project is different from the card they are giving now? Do you think it will take just 6months for a new government to start a new system for NIA? They are only building on an already established system and failing to acknowledge the works done by their predecessors.” He said.

“The picture below is when Bawumia came on a working visit to NIA in 2017, and I had to take him around the server room. I explained to him how the old system was operating, the number of cards issued and how the new system we are working on will operate. In the picture is the CEO of Margins Group, Mr Moses Baiden, the private partner. I can’t share documents and email exchanges here in the build-up of the new system NIA is using because of “Oath of Secrecy”.” He explained.


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In a continuation statement, Yayra Koku said, it was the vision of the late former President John Evans Fiifi Atta-Mills and former President John Dramani Mahama to make the Ghana Card a one-stop-card for all transactions in Ghana. So in 2012, an LI was passed (LI 211) to make the Ghana card the ONLY card for all transactions in Ghana. The vision was to make the Ghana card as comprehensive as possible to enable you to use it as the following;

i. Drivers License


iii. NHIA

iv. TIN

v. Visa card for ATM etc.

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He again said, in fact, the 3rd floor of the NIA building was reserved for these agencies to have representatives in NIA for easy inter-agency communication.

“In 2016 we had a meeting with a MasterCard representative in Africa from Nigeria to strategise on how to link bank accounts to the Ghana card to be used at the ATMs for withdrawal purposes. All these were part of the preparations ongoing in anticipation of the launch of the new Ghana card.”

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“Do you know why most banks are rejecting the GhanaCard now? The answer is simple. The NIA has failed to provide a verification platform to authenticate the genuineness of the Ghana card. I’ve been hinted however that they recently rolled it out. How can an institution such as NIA issue cards for all these periods and is now implementing a verification system to authenticate the same if not for political expediency?” He said.

He further said, the NPP rushed in launching the Ghanacard without recourse to the roadmap because they wanted to deceive Ghanaians that within 6months, they have been able to implement what the NDC couldn’t do in 8yrs, Liars.

“The design of this card and the system built up was done during the NDC era, including the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), as I indicated in my previous post.”

“I am daring Attafuah or any of his incompetent IT guys he has employed to come and assert the current NIA system is an initiative of the NPP government.” He challenged.

“When meetings were ongoing with the private partner to design this current system, Attafuah was busy practising law to fatten his pocket.”

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