No currency stabilization committee can save the cedi – Franklin Cudjoe

Mr. Franklin Cudjoe

Franklin Cudjoe, the founding president and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education has indicated that, no currency stabilization committee can save the Ghana cedi from its current depreciation.

In a Facebook post, the author and social political commentator indicator that, it will only take prudent economic management to save the cedi.

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“The Ghanaian currency, the Cedi is not doing well. No currency stabilization committee can save it, except prudent economic management” he stated.

He again said, members of the Cedi Stabilisation Committee recommended sound economic policy making too. None received sitting allowance.

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This is coming at a time the Ghanaian Cedi is really performing badly in relation to the dollar, pounds and other currencies across the globe.

The government had earlier formed a 40 member committee to look into matters of the depreciation of the cedi.

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