Outcome of SO-GNAT 2021 delegates’ Conference: Certified collated results and trending photos 

Millicent Mawuse Fullah (SO-GNAT Local Chairperson) and Golo Elorm (South Tongu District Chairman)
Millicent Mawuse Fullah (SO-GNAT Local Chairperson) and Golo Elorm (South Tongu District Chairman)

The Sogakope Local Ghana National Association of Teachers (SO-GNAT) has organized its 2021 local conference at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The Conference which was held on 18th February, 2021 saw in attendance delegates from twenty-four (24) units including two second cycle institutions and one Education office unit.

There were discussion of resolutions and elections of executive officers for the next local level GNAT year.


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The main contest in the election was featured among two veterans thus; a Former National General Secretary of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni and the Acting Sogakope Local GNAT secretary Mr. Francis Kwaku Viffah (Julius Lagbaja).

Though, most teachers and delegates within the Sogakope Local GNAT believe that, Agboni Nicholas Kelvin best fit the position of a secretary based on his track records, he lost narrowly to the incumbent acting Local Secretary Francis Kwaku Viffah (Julius Lagbaja) in a keen contest with 24 total valid votes against 31 valid votes.

SO-GNAT Elections: Agboni Nicholas Kelvin speaks on his action plan

Most delegates were shocked on the outcome of the election featuring between the two aspirants for the secretaryship because, they were not expecting Agboni Nicholas Kelvin, a first timer who contested to pull such a large number of votes against the long term serving aspirant.

Meanwhile, others believe that, Francis Kwaku Viffah (Julius Lagbaja) won the election because of the old executive officers who may want him to be re-elect and voted for him asuch. They came out with this assertion since four out of the eighth aspirants who were old executive officers went unopposed, aside the Youth Coordinator and Basic School Representative who were new aspirants and also contested unopposed.


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Another keen contest featured the Acting Vice Secretary Mr. Amedzro Daniel and Mr. Frank Isaac Agidi, which was won by the former with 41 votes against 14 votes.

Some delegates disclosed that, over the years, most of the positions at the local level are being contested unopposed by old executive officers. Some alleged that, this practice has been there for ages and need to be corrected. According to them, the Sogakope local Council and the South Tongu District GNAT need to effectively advertise all positions to allow new individuals to contest.

Profile of Agboni Nicholas Kelvin: SO-GNAT secretary aspirant

At the end of the elections, the Sogakope Local GNAT Elections Committee Chairman Mr. Jacob Vigbedor has announced the collated results for So-GNAT Elections.

The results declared by GNATEC are as follow;

Chairperson: Millicent Mawuse Fullah, Vice Chairperson: Normenye Dogbey, Treasurer: Solace Kuvor, Secretary: Francis Kwaku Viffah (Julius Lagbaja), Vice Secretary: Daniel Amedzro, GNATLAS Coordinator: Agatha Asumah, Basic school rep: Lebene Numekevorand  Youth coordinator: Laura Ledzi Ami Attatsi.

Jacob Vigbedor was appointed to represent Senior High School, Anastasia Sebutor was also appointed to represent Vocational and Technical school while Esinam Tekpor Yaa represents the Education Directorate.

Conference has also elected nine (9) delegates to represent the Sogakope Local GNAT at the South Tongu District Conference. The list of the nine elected delegates include; Nora Avenogbo, Evelyn Amekor, Wilson Dusime Azorko, Agboni Nicholas Kelvin, Mark Amaglo, Kini Foster, Hayibor Benjamin, Kamassah Bismarck and Normenye Dogbey.

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See the collected results below;

See more photos from the conference below. 



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