Make no mistake; Retain your ‘Humble Leader’ David Kattah as GNAT Volta Regional Chairman

Mr. David Kattah

Mr. David Kattah

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The campaign team of the incumbent Volta Regional Chairman of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is calling on delegates not to make any mistake by voting out Mr. David Kattah “Humble Leader” as they passionately call him.

According to the teachers, so far as this year’s Volta Regional Delegates’ Conference is concerned, David Kattah is the best candidate to be voted for as the Regional Chairman of the Association.

The teachers who described the incumbent Volta Regional Chairman as “The Grassroot Leader” said, there is a need to retain Mr. David Kattah in office so as to continue his positive work for all teachers across the region and beyond.

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They believe that, Mr. David Kattah, who filed for reelection as the Volta Regional Chairman of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has all teachers at heart and ready to champion the productive course of teachers like he has began many decades ago.

Reports unveiled that, he received massive endorsement from many teachers across the country especially, teachers in the Volta Region due to his selfless, sacrificial and committed leadership in the ranks and files of GNAT for decades.

David Kattah-led Volta Regional GNAT outlines top achievements


Mr. David Kattah was first elected as the Volta Regional Chairman in July 2017 at a Regional Delegates’ Conference in Ho, Ghana.

According to the GNAT Constitution, each elected executive at the Regional level are limited to serving two elected four-year terms (8years). This qualifies the humble, strategic, experienced and development oriented “Grassroot Leader” Mr. David Kattah to seek for his second term as the Volta Regional Chairman.


David Kattah led administration of the Volta Regional Secretariat of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has outlined some key achievements under his first term as the Volta Regional Chairman of the Association.

In a statement, the leadership said, they have embarked on several projects under the championship of the Volta Regional Chairman Mr. David Kattah across the fourteen (14) administrative GNAT Districts in the Region and beyond.

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In outlining the achievements, the Secretariat said, they have;

1. lobbied and secured over GH¢950,000.00 to support Keta, South Tongu, North Tongu, Ho, Hohoe, Kadjebi and Nkwanta Districts to complete or construct permanent GNAT offices across the Region.

2. tiled all 35 rooms in the old block of the regional hostel.

3. added 3 more rooms to the 49-room hostel we inherited to get a total of 52 rooms now.

4. carried out total repair and refurbishment of a mechanized bore-hole with polytanks to provide regular water to the entire hostel to reduce the bills from the Ghana Water Company.

5. purchased and installed LED TV sets in all the 52 hostel rooms and offices at the administration block.

6. renovated the administration block through tiling all offices and the provision of new sets of furniture, new air conditioners and new equipments such as computers, photo-copiers, printers
and fridges in all offices.

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7. bought 300 pieces of new furniture for the hostel auditorium.

8. renovated and fenced the staff duty post accommodation. (Reg. Sec, Assist Reg. Sec and Reg. Accountant).

9. bought a new high horsepower air conditioners for the hostel auditorium.

10. bought brand new pillows and bed sheets for all the 52 hostel rooms.

11. constructed a new permanent and modern security post/gate at the regional hostel to provide maximum security.

12. negotiated and reduced the outstanding fence wall project debt of GH¢266,000.00 inherited to
GH¢8O,000 which we fully paid.

13. ensured that all the 99 GNAT Locals in the region opened their own bank accounts within three months of coming into office.

14. started and wrote all local grant cheques directly from the region to every local from 2017 to 2018.

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Constitution

15. ensured that all District and Local grants were paid on monthly basis regularly from 2017 till date without any arrears.

16. instituted the training and preparation for promotion interviews/tests for teachers due for promotion at various zonal centres across the region.

17. lobbied and assisted many teachers to receive financial support to solve many critical health related problems.

18. assisted and provided legal services to many teachers to get out of prison and legal tussles.

19. ensured proper representation of the views of our members at the District, Regional and National levels.

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20. lobbied and succeeded n the creation and recognition of South Dayi District as a new autonomous GNAT district to increase the number of districts we inherited from 13 to 14 in the region.

21. “Our leadership has earned the region the first time ever chairmanship of the Board of Teachers’ Fund at the National level.”


David Kattah is currently a DEPUTY DIRECTOR in the Ghana Education Service (GES) and an Assistant Headmaster in charge of Administration in Peki Senior High School since August, 2019.

He is happily married and has four children. He has held numerous leadership positions in GNAT and outside GNAT. Below are some portfolios held by him across some sectors and his academic qualifications.

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1. Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in June 2020.

2. Master of Arts (MA) – English at the University of Ghana, Legon in July, 2013

3. Bachelor of Arts (BA) – English and Linguistics at the University of Ghana, Legon in May, 2007

4. Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ Dambai Training College in June, 2000

5. Executive Certificate in Pensions Management Pensions Academy, (AUCC) in February, 2018.

6. Certificate in Negotiation Skills at the University of Ghana Legon Business School in June, 2018.

7. Certificate in Finance JPCann Associates in November, 2019.

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8. Professional Certificate in Corporate Governance Institute of Directors – Ghana in September, 2018.

9. Certificate in Leadership and Human Rights International Academy for Leadership, Gummersbach, Germany in December, 2009.

10. Certificate in Financial Statement Analysis and oversight Responsibilities JPCann Associates Limited December, 2020.

11. Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management Corporate Support Group in June, 2021.

12. Certificate in Strategic Investment Management JPCann Associates Limited in June, 2021.

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1. National Board Chairman Teachers’ Fund from March 2018 to date

2. Volta Regional Chairman of GNAT from July, 2017 to date

3. Keta Municipal Chairman of GNAT from 2011 to 2017.

4. Keta Municipal Vice Chairman of GNAT from 2009 to 2011.

5. Keta Urban Local Secretary from 2008 to 2009.

6. Chairman, Elections Committee of GNAT Volta Regional Conference in 2013

7. Local Secretary Dzodze – Penyi from 2001 to 2003

8. School Rep Kpoglu L/A JSS from 2000 to 2001.


1. Regional Coordinator for Coalition of Domestic Election observers (CODEO) in 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 respectively.

2. Head of Languages Department at Keta Senior High Technical School from 2013 to 2019.

3. Board Secretary at Keta Senior High Technical School from 2014 to 2015.

4. President of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Club at University of Ghana, Legon from 2006 to 2007.

5. National Vice Chairman of Ghana Liberal Students Association (GHALSA) from 2006 to 2007.

6. Field Supervisor for National Census in 2010.

The campaign team is therefore calling on all accredited teachers to the 2021 Volta Regional Delegates’ Conference to retain David Kattah as the Regional Chairman for another four year term.

The added that, “A vote for David Kattah and his Team is a vote for continuity. #Volta deserves only the best.”


The Volta Region branch of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has opened its 6th Quadrennial (53rd) Regional Delegates’ Conference on Monday, 9th August, 2021 to Wednesday, 11th August, 2021.

This year’s Delegates’ Conference is scheduled at the Volta Regional GNAT Hall, Ho under the theme “GNAT @90: Surviving as a Reliable and Vibrant Teacher Union in the 21st Century; Addressing Challenges facing the Ghanaian Teacher.”

According to the Regional Secretariat of GNAT, the conference is scheduled to review major activities of the union over the last four (4) years.

Delegates from the fourteen (14) GNAT Districts at the 2021 Volta Regional Conference will elect new executive officers to frontier the administrative affairs of the Association for the next four years.



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