Thando Thabethe Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Parents, Siblings

Thando Thabethe Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Parents, Siblings
Thando Thabethe
In this article, we will bring you information on the famous South African actress Thando Thabethe. Thando Thabethe Biography, Age, Husband , Children, Parents, Siblings.
Thando Thabethe is an actress and Radio DJ from South Africa. She was the presenter for the television show Thando Bares All on channel TLC and current drive time host on 947 in South Africa. Thando Thabethe is the first brand ambassador for Nivea in Africa. She was also named one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 In 2019.
Thando Thabethe is a woman of many successes in the South African arts and entertainment industry. She is an Actress, a playwright, a radio DJ and a TV presenter in South Africa. She is sometimes called Thando Thabooty and popularly known as Thabooty.
Aside her acting prowess, Thando is described as a strong woman because of how she handled her father’s suicide death and her brother’s shooting in 2015.

Thando Thabethe Age: How old is Thando Thabethe?

Thando Thabethe was born on 18th June in 1990.  She is 32 years old as of 2022.  


Thando Thabethe Husband

Thando Thabethe is not married yet as of 2022. Her last known relationship is with Lunga Shabalala.

Thando Thabethe Children

Thando Thabethe has no known children yet as of 2022 from our checks.

Thando Thabethe Parents

Thando Thabethe was given birth to by the Thabethes who resided in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her father, Mr Thabethe died by committing suicide when she was 13 years old. 

Thando Thabethe Siblings: How many sisters does Thando Thabethe have?

Thando Thabethe has two siblings. Her only sister is  Sanele Thabethe. Her brother  Sibusi Thabethe was killed by a gunshot in a 2015 robbery incident.

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