VIDEO: NIA outlines guidelines for collection of Ghana Card 

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You will recall that, the National Identification Authority (NIA) on Monday, has postponed the commencement of printed Ghana card issuance exercise to applicants from 8th June, 2020 to Wednesday, 10th June, 2020.

In the earlier press statement, the NIA postponed the exercise because, it wants to effectively complete the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to all registration centres across all regions to help observe the necessary coronavirus protocols.

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The National Identification Authority has ahead of time outlined procedures or guidelines to be followed by applicants for the collection of the ECOWAS card or the Ghana Card.

A total of 3,875,441 applicants in 5,635 centres are expected to receive their Ghana card across Ghana. The exercise according to the NIA, will make 11,062,850 Ghanaians to own Ghana card.

According to the NIA, this Ghana Card collection exercise is for persons who have already registered but have not collected their Ghana Cards.

Meanwhile, new registrants should wait till the 18th of June 2020 when the mop-up registration commences.

In reference to the NIA notice, the NIA Ghana card collection centres will be open from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 5pm.

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Find below the procedures outlined by NIA for the collection of the ECOWAS Card. 

1. Applicants must wear a face mask before entering the Card Collection Centre.

2. Applicants will be required to use hand sanitizer before joining the queue.

3. Applicants will be spaced
out in accordance with social distancing protocols.

4. Applicants will be required to identify themselves to the card issuance official at the Card Collection Centre where they were initially registered.

5. Applicants are encouraged to come with their registration forms or slips.

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6. Applicants without their registration forms/slips will be required to mention their full name and date of birth to identify themselves.

7. After an applicant is identified, he or she
will be required to sign or thumb print the dummy lD card in the card collection album.

8. Applicant then picks his/her Ghana Card and leaves the card collection centre.

9. Applicants must sanitize their hands before leaving the card collection centres.

10. NIA officials will take details of persons whose cards are not available as it may still be going through the adjudication process. Applicants will be kept informed on when they can collect their card via text message or phone call.

Watch the video below to follow the procedures outlined for the collection of the ECOWAS Card. 

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