OPINION: Ghana’s 2020 elections verdict; A reflection of the moral fiber of Ghanaians under Akufo-Addo

Photo of December 2020 elections
Photo of December 2020 elections

Ordinarily as a Western Togolander, I should not concern myself with another country. Western Togoland had never been part of Ghana and never will it be. Ghana’s president Kwame Nkrumah, backed by Britain, forcibly integrated Western Togoland into Ghana under the barrel of the gun over 63 years ago, contrary to the United Nations Resolution 1044(XI) of Dec13, 1956, which called for a UNION government between the two equal independent countries! And they continue to brutalize us with their military to date each time citizens legitimately take stand to restore the statehood of  their stolen nation. So what happens in that country should not concern us Western Togolanders.

However, I wish to take an African and World view of what is happening in that country during President Akufo-Addo’s first regime spinning over to the 2020 elections and the outcome.

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Refugee problems stemming from irresponsible leaders don’t affect their countries only. Indeed it doesn’t even affect them but countries where their runaway citizens seek refuge and the extended arms of other countries directly or through the United Nations.

Moreover, Ghana was once the Black Star of Africa. Its independence set ablaze the independence fire in all other Sub-Saharan Africa states.  And whatever political dispensation Ghana undertakes reverberates through other  African countries. When military coups were the order of the day in the late 60s through  80s, it spread throughout many if not most African states. But when it embarked on democracy so did the continent, particularly Sub-Sahara Africa. As a result its Black Star image started shining again.  So the African Union must not sit silent and adopt a wait and see attitude, as they have done and are still doing towards African countries whose leaders act irresponsibly towards their citizens.

Police arrests Fake Lawyer involved in Western Togoland Case

What we are seeing in Ghana  now is no news. It is stemming from a well orchestrated clandestine plan by a few select Akyem gangsters of the New Patriotic Party to control political and economic power in Ghana for decades. The first part of that plan leaked out in the early part of 2017, shortly after President Akufo-Addo took his oath of office. And it guided Akufo-Addo in all his governance decisions. Both in giving juicy positions to his family and friends, mostly to his ethnic Akyems, and the erosion of media independence through intimidations via massive closures of media houses that they saw as thorns in their flesh in their bid to accomplish their ill-conceived orchestrated plans. It also directed the massive bank and financial instutions foreclosures and the diversion of almost a billion dollars of investment monies into those banks, to the company of an Akyem. So also is the diversion of billions of Ghana’s tax monies into that same business. In a period of about 7 months alone in 2020,  Ghc52.50 billion was syphoned into that Akyem’s company’. Imagine from the time it started to the discovery how much money was syphoned from you the average poor Ghanaian taxpayers into the Akyem-owned company in their bid to muscle economic power which guarantees political power! And they loaned the same stolen money back to Ghanaians with commissions and interests. And get paid back as principal plus interest Ghanaians’ own money that they stole. Indeed recycling Ghanaians’s stolen money to them and getting richer and richer while the country gets poorer and poorer!

In a matter of just 4 years they have virtually accomplished their goal and had owned the entire country and now seek to consolidate that during their second term. And that was why they vowed to do everything by hook or crook to gain power during these 2020 elections. And that is pricesely what they have done. And it shocked me to hear on Joy News during this past week a Multimedia journalist on JOY FM glorifying the Agyapa Royaltyies nation-looting scheme. And indeed such is the degraded rotten media environment the Akufo-Addo’s regime has created to favor their nation-wrecking corruptions and looting schemes. They are scared to be victimised when they report the truth, as some of the Multimedia journalists are on the payroll of the Akufo-Addo regime and getting a hefty GHc1m/month. Indeed losing a million Ghana cedis a month incentive is no small sacrifice. You lower yourself to the self-gratifying   lie that everybody else is doing it. When you don’t even know everybody in your media organization  and how they erk their  living. Today it’s an embarrassment to some media professionals with integrity  to be recognized in association with their fellow Ghanaian media professionals like those who have bedmates of President Akufo-Addo’s regime. And these self-seeking low standard senior media professionals and their media house bosses  are seriously endangering the safety of their colleagues in an already media hostile regime under President Akufo-Addo. They can’t take to task the government and its functionaries that molest and attack their colleagues because they are their bedmates. Meanwhile the Ghanaian 1992 Constitution Chapter 12 Article 162 section 1-6 protects the media professional and media houses from government control and censorship and criminal libel. Yet Ghanaian media and their journalists operate under a culture of silence particularly concerning the reportage of government misdeeds.

Police officer who was protecting a ballot box and shot by thugs in Ablekuma Central has passed on

In the same vein this Akufo-Addo government under the few select Akyem control have clandestinely influenced religious and civil society organizations(CSOs) such that they keep them muted over their nation-wrecking schemes. And they plan in their second term not only to keep very close eyes on some key ones but also make sure their man becomes the next National Imam!

I am very proud to be part of the collective national campaign that ousted former President Mahama. The religious organizations such as the Christian Counsel, the Catholic Bishops Conference, the Islamic communities, as well as the National Peace Council, CSOs and the media were all involved. Indeed the  Mahama administration was very  corrupt then, and his appointees and elected MPs acted with so much impunity, they had to be kicked out. But the level of  corruption and wreckless  nation-looting schemes under the Akufo-Addo administration have turned Mahama and his appointees into angels! No question about it.

Wenchi High Court has threw out NPP’s case against NDC and EC on Sene West Parliamentary seat

But the extremely disconcerting thing is that almost, if not all, the organizations that allied together against former President Mahama and his administration have all become mute this time around. In my opinion, there is no  justification for this than the outplay of tribalism and greed for personal or organizational wealth. But the former is the most likely, while the latter did play some role. You see most of these groups are headed by Akans. And the NPP party is seen as an Akan party but the NDC party an Ewe party. And it was headed in 2012 to 2016 by a Northerner. The Akans generally have inherent disrespect and low regard for Evegbetorwo(Ewes)…the Togolanders and animals(ayigbeni abua)…and Northerners…the pepenis.

And so while their own was engaged in nation-wrecking conducts far worse than former President Mahama’s administration, they chose to put the ethnic affinity ahead of their love for their nation….from the academia to traditional authorities to all the other groups mentioned supra.

And so evil proliferated to the level unknown in Ghana’s democratic  history.  Indeed evil increases when good men close their eyes to it. And it has engulfed the whole nation during the 2020 elections. There were no known Ghana elections when the military and police combined forces were officially  ordered by their Commander-in-Chief  to intimidate, shoot and kill innocent defenseless electorates who were determined to exercise their inalienable and constitutional  rights to make their votes count. Only the leader whose slogan is “All Die Be Die” has set that unenviable record. And indeed they have stolen the verdict of the people, using the outsidely beautiful but inwardly rotten character family member Jean Mensah. For her to prostitute herself to be reduced to such a low grade moral  stupor by Akufo-Addo and his select Akyem group is a disgrace she will never recover from. With all her deceitful fancy words like transparency, truthfulness, fairness  and yet doing the very opposite, only leads one to conclude that a *beautiful lady who does not mean her words is more ugly than the ugliest lady with full integrity.*


VIDEO: NPP admits EC resorted to their pink sheets at the collation center

The leadership of the religious bodies have demonstrated how utterly shamefully and embarrassingly tribalistic they inherently are in their treatment of former President Maham and his administration from the beginning to the 2016 elections and its collation period. During Akufo-Addo era, and  particularly during the 2020 election results collation period, it looed as though they have been closed down. They show they lack integrity and unable to follow their own teaching from the Bible that God is no respecter of persons nor does he discriminate. Akufo-Addo with his NPP party is their very own, so all their nation-wrecking conducts must be swept under the carpet! And sweep under the carpet they did! The joy-killing sprees of his vigilantes branded as military men does not concern them even if their victims belonged to their denominational groups. Religious leaders without moral compass! Christians who love money and tribe rather than godly calling. They are  Christians of fortune and turned their followers likewise. What an embarrassments to  principled Christians in Akufo-Addo’s Ghana!

And their traditional authorities also keep mute over these. And expect their subjects to respect them? From the AGYAPADIE strategy document that circulated just before the election exposing their grand scheme to fully consolidate their political and economic control of  Ghana, not even the Asantehene and Asanteman are secure under them.

Armed attack on MP elect for Keta Constituency politically motivated

Perhaps the saddest and most  mischievous are those calling on Mahama and his NDC to take Akufo-Addo and his NPP to court. In which country? As though they did not know he has populated the Apex Court with 11 of his own people in less than 4 years and got them to do his bidding. Have they soon forgotten the most stupid ruling any court can ever make was done by those stooges of his, who allowed him to pervert justice during the recent NDC case put before them? Have they forgotten that those same Akufo-Addo stooges declared historical citizenship identifying birth certificate null and void for Voters’s register compilation  when the passport that certificate was used to acquire was ok for the same? When the most learned and imminent group of citizens who rely a lot on logic for their routine professional business would throw away their priced logical brains in a bid to say  “yesa masa” to their boss with threats to their colleagues to tow the political line or get rejected, how on earth do they expect any justice from such political stooges?  Indeed under Nana Akufo-Addo all prime instutions have been reduced to ridicules. And the Apex Court’s performance and reputation has gone down lower than those of a banana republic. Citizens have lost confidence in it. And AKUFFO-ADDO and his government took advantage of that and did as they pleased  with so much impunity.

But all these institutions and their leaders must know that they share equal responsibilities for the downward spiral their  country Ghana has been launched into. The political elites will quickly run away leaving them, their members and families behind to face the brunt of their greedy selfish misdeeds they have been busy tribalistically sweeping under the carpet. Now it appears the carpet has no more capacity to hold them. The stinky  overflow is what you and the whole world are seeing during these election weeks.

To err in election results collation is human and declare accurate results divine – Maxwell Lukutor frees his mind

Now there comes a time in the life of a nation when its citizens unequivocally unite against political evils.  We saw it not too long ago in Tunisia, Egypt and I think the Ivory Coast: *People Power.* It’s more powerful than military power yet less deadly. Ghanaians must throw their tribalism away and unite against this  political evil that is ravaging their  country, has reduced  their country to international shame and mockery and its long-rerm civil unrest and economic fall-outs that is sure to follow.

The Ghanaian security forces must be reminded that their allegiance is to ALL GHANAIANS whose hard earned tax monies were used to train them. They were not trained to protect a few select tribal few. That is why when their bosses order them around they must *use their brains and consciences.* No more colonial style watch dog training obedience. Ghanaians are their own blood and they must all resolve to live or fall together with them. Enough of the brutalities against their own fellow citizens in favor of a select political few who are destroying their future and the future of their own children and the generations after them. Time to rescue their beloved country from the destructive greed of a select tribal few. Time to protect their hard-earned image. They are no longer under colonial master who used them to protect the privileged few foreign masters against the majority natives whose assets they looted to build their nations. The neo-colonial select few are still using you to loot the assets meant for the common good and you still say “yesa masa” to them and kill and wound your own people? Come on. Please use your brains and consciences. Will those remember you in their WILLS? Will their children share their stolen national assets with your children when you are long gone into eternity? The widows and orphans left behind when you acted on their orders to kill for their political gains without using your brains and consciences, will curse you and your generations forever. So please protect your professional image. And since you are moral beings use your moral judgements.

Don’t allow yourselves to be used by any selfish politician – Deputy Volta Regional Minister urges

And to THE African Union leaders. Sadly and discouragingly, I don’t have any hope of your ability to proactively prevent Ghana from dragging itself into a deteriorating political condition, because many of you, if not most, are birds of the same feather with Nana Akufo-Addo! But let it be known to you that Ghana’s democratic failure will spill over to many other African countries. We witnessed it in Togo  and you did nothing about it. It set a bad example  for Akufo-Addo to follow and he had indeed done so. But Ghana as the African Black Star, may wreck havoc in Africa if you allow it’s  situation to deteriorate.

The world leaders must change from.their characteristic  “wait and see” posture and take pre-emptive stance to make Akufo-Addo and his team listen to reason and do the right thing to return the people’s stolen verdict to them and compensate  the wounded  and the loss of lives.   Ghana’s deteriorating political onflicts and associated civil unrest will eventually affect your citizens, worse so in these  stressed  COVID-19 budget environments.

A stich in time saves 9, our elders say.
By Bestway Zottor
Western Togolander and
Free Lance Anticorruption Media Activist

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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